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140481Library of Congress Classification — Class K: Law


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Subclass K Law in general. Comparative and uniform law. Jurisprudence
Subclass KB Religious law in general. Comparative religious law. Jurisprudence
Subclass KBM Jewish law
Subclass KBP Islamic law
Subclass KBR History of canon law
Subclass KBU Law of the Roman Catholic Church. The Holy See
Subclasses KD-KDK United Kingdom and Ireland
Subclass KDZ America. North America
Subclass KE Canada
Subclass KF United States
Subclass KG Latin America - Mexico and Central America - West Indies. Caribbean area
Subclass KH South America
Subclasses KJ-KKZ Europe
Subclasses KL-KWX Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antarctica
Subclass KZ Law of nations

Subclass K

K1-7720 Law in general. Comparative and uniform law. Jurisprudence
K1-36.5   Periodicals
K37-44 Bibliography
K46 Monographic series
K48 Encyclopedias
K50-54 Dictionaries. Words and phrases
K58 Maxims. Quotations
K(64) Yearbooks
K68-70 Directories
K85-89 Legal research
K94 Legal composition and draftsmanship
K100-103 Legal education
K109-110 Law societies. International bar associations
K115-130 The legal profession
K133 Legal aid. Legal assistance to the poor
K140-165 History of law
K170 Biography
K(175) Congresses
K(176)-(177) Collected works (nonserial)
K(179) Addresses, essays, lectures
K181-184.7 Miscellany
K190-195 Ethnological jurisprudence. Primitive law
K201-487 Jurisprudence. Philosophy and theory of law
K202   Periodicals
K212-213 Methodology
K215-218 History
K236 Universality and non-universality of law
K237-264 The concept of law
K270-274 Acts and events
K280-286 Sources of law
K288-296 Interpretation and construction of law. Lacunae in law
K300-304 Classification of law. Typology
K321-474 Schools of legal theory
K325-328   Historical jurisprudence
K330-344 Positivism
K366-380 Sociology of law. Sociological jurisprudence
K400-474 Natural law
K486-487 Relation of law to other topics
K(520)-5582 Comparative law. International uniform law
K524-525 Treaties and other international agreements
K540-546 Trials
K578-579 Concepts applying to several branches of law
K583-(591) Legal systems compared
K592-597 Regional divisions. Interregional comparative law
K600-615 Private law
K605-615 Unification
K623-968 Civil law
K625-709 Persons
K670-709 Domestic relations. Family law
K720-792       Property
K795-798 Trusts and trustees
K805-821 Succession upon death
K830-968 Obligations
K840-917   Contracts
K920 Restitution. Quasi contracts. Unjust enrichment
K923-968 Torts
K970 Compensation to victims of crime. Reparation
K1000-1395 Commercial law
K1010-1014 The merchant. Business enterprises
K1021-1022 Commercial agency
K1024-1132 Commercial contracts
K1026-1045 Sale of goods
K1054-1065.5 Negotiable instruments
K1066-1089 Banking
K1094-1096 Loan of money
K1100-1109 Secured transactions
K1112-1116 Investments
K1130-1132 Carriage of goods and passengers. Carriers
K1150-1231 Maritime law
K1195-1223 Maritime social legislation
K1226-1231 Marine insurance
K1241-1287 Insurance
K1301-1366 Business associations
K1370-1395 Insolvency and bankruptcy. Creditors' rights
K1401-1578 Intellectual property
K1411-1485 Copyright
K1500-1578 Industrial property
K1700-1973 Social legislation
K1701-1841 Labor law
K1861-1929 Social insurance
K1960-1973 Public welfare. Public assistance
K2100-2385 Courts. Procedure
K2110-2155 Court organization and procedure
K2201-2385 Civil procedure
K2390 Negotiated settlement. Compromise
K2400-2405 Arbitration and award
K3150 Public law
K3154-3370 Constitutional law
K3161 Constitutional history
K3169 The state
K3171-3179 Constitutional principles
K3184-3188 Form and structure of government
K3195 National territory
K3201 Foreign relations administration
K3220 Public policy
K3224-3278 Individual and state
K3280-3282 Church and state
K3289-3367 Organs of government
K3290-3304 The people. Election law
K3310-3329 The legislature
K3332-3363         Heads of state and the central government
K3367 The judiciary
K3370 Constitutional courts and procedure
K3375 Colonial law
K3400-3431 Administrative law
K3402-3417 The administrative process
K3420-3431 Administrative organization
K3440-3460 Civil service. Government officials and employees
K3476-3560 Public property. Public restraint on private property
K3566-3578 Public health
K3581-(3598) Environmental law
K3601-3611 Medical legislation
K3615-3622 Veterinary laws. Veterinary medicine and hygiene. Prevention of cruelty to animals
K3625-3649 Food. Drugs. Cosmetics
K3651-3654 Alcohol. Alcoholic beverages
K3661-3674 Public safety
K3700-3705 Control of social activities
K3740-3762 Education
K3770-3795 Science and arts. Research
K3820-3836 Economic constitution, policy, planning, and development
K3840-4375 Regulation of industry, trade, and commerce. Occupational law
K3842-3862 Trade regulations. Control of trade practices
K3870-3918 Primary production. Extractive industries
K3921-3925 Manufacturing industries
K3926-3935 Food processing industries
K3941-3974 Trade and commerce
K3978-3992 Public utilities
K4011-4343 Transportation and communication
K4360-4375 Professions and occupations
K4430-4675 Public finance
K4453-4640 National revenue
K4650-4675 State and local finance
K4700-4705 Government measures in time of war, national emergency, or economic crisis
K4720-4780 National defense. Military law
K4725-4734 The military establishment. Armed forces
K4740-4760 Military criminal law and procedure
K5000-5582 Criminal law and procedure
K5015.4-5350 Criminal law
K5401-5570 Criminal procedure
K5575-5582 Juvenile criminal law and procedure
K7000-7720 Private international law. Conflict of laws
K7051-7054 International unification, approximation, and harmonization
K7060-7081 Choice of law
K7085 Retroactive law. Intertemporal law
K7090 Juristic acts
K7120-7197 Persons
K7125-7140 Natural persons
K7145-7148 Juristic persons. Associations
K7155-7197 Domestic relations. Family law
K7157-7179       Marriage. Husband and wife
K7181-7197 Parent and child. Guardian and ward
K7200-7218 Property
K7222 Trust and trustees
K7230-7245 Succession upon death
K7260-7338 Obligations
K7265-7305 Contracts
K7310 Restitution. Quasi contracts. Unjust enrichment
K7315-7338 Torts
K7340-7512 Commercial law
K7350-7444 Commercial contracts
K7449-7460 Maritime law
K7470 Insurance
K7485-7495 Business associations. Business corporations
K7510-7512 Insolvency and bankruptcy. Creditors' rights
K7550-7582 Intellectual property
K7555-7557 Copyright
K7570-7582 Industrial property
K7585-7595 Social legislation
K7611-7688 Civil procedure. International civil procedure
K7690 Arbitration and award
K7720 Recognition of foreign administrative acts
Subclass KB
KB1-4855 Religious law in general. Comparative religious law. Jurisprudence
KB2-4   Bibliography
KB7-68 Periodicals
KB68 Annuals. Annuaires
KB70.A-Z Monographic series. By title, A-Z
KB73 Collections. Compilations (General and comprehensive)
KB74-78 Auxiliary sciences
KB90.A-Z Encyclopedias. Law dictionaries. Terms and phrases. Vocabularies. By author or title, A-Z
KB100.A-Z Proverbia. Legal maxims. Brocardica juris. Regulae juris. By author or title, A-Z
KB122 Biography (Collective)
KB130 Legal research. Legal bibliography. Methods of bibliographic research
KB150 Conferences. Symposia
KB160 General works. Treatises
KB162-250 Legal systems compared
KB270-280 Theory, philosophy, and science of religious law
KB400-4855 Interdisciplinary discussion of subjects
KB400   Ritual Law. Religious observances and rituals
KB410 Law reform and policies. Criticism
KB479 Private law (General)
KB480-482 Private international law. Conflict of laws
KB491 Civil Law (General)
KB524-530 Persons
KB531-619 Domestic relations. Family law
KB622-628.5 Guardianship. Guardian and ward
KB632-636.2 Inheritance and succession
KB636.3 Gifts. Charitable gifts. Donations
KB640-726 Property. Res in commercio
KB810-962.8 Obligations. Contracts and transactions
KB1270-1278 Labor laws and legislation
KB1468-1550 Social laws and legislation. Welfare. Charities
KB1572-1690 Courts and procedure
KB2000-2035 Public law. The State
KB2101-2862 Constitutions and religion. Constitutional and administrative law
KB2870 Civil service. Employees of state, communal agencies, and religious corporations
KB3000-3034 Police and public property
KB3040.3-3056 Public property. Government property
KB3075-3096.5 Public health
KB3098-3121.7 Medical legislation
KB3122 Veterinary medicine and hygiene. Veterinary public health
KB3123-3123.5 Animal protection. Animal welfare. Animal rights
KB3124-3125     Birth control. Family Planning
KB3127-3135 Environmental law
KB3137-3183 Cultural affairs
KB3190-3429 Economic law
KB3440-3500.7 Transportation and communication
KB3515-3522 Professions. Intelligentsia
KB3526-3694 Public finance
KB3709-3726 Government measures in time of war, national emergency, or economic crisis
KB3735-3780 Military law
KB3790-4855 Criminal law and procedure
Subclass KBM
KBM1-4855 Jewish Law. Halakah
KBM523.6   Even ha-'ezer law (General)
KBM523.72 Hosehn misphat law (General)
KBM523.8-4855 Mishpat Ivri
KBM523.8 Bibliography
KBM523.82 Monographic series
KBM523.9 Legal education. Study and teaching
KBM524 General works
KBM254.12-524.26 The concept of Jewish law
KBM524.3 Sources of Jewish law (Mishpat Ivri)
KBM524.32-.34 Methodology of law development
KBM524.36 Influence of other lega systems on Jewish law
KBM524.38 Law reform and policies. Criticism
KBM524.4.A-Z Concepts applying to several brances of the law, A-Z
KBM524.42 Private law
KBM524.43 Conflict of laws. Plurality of laws conflict
KBM524.5 Assistance in emergencies
KBM524.6-530 Persons
KBM531-619 Domestic relations. Family law
KBM622-628.5 Guardian and ward. Apotropos
KBM632-636.2 Inheritance and succession
KBM636.3 Gifts. Charitable gifts. Donations
KBM639-1424 Dinei mamonot
KBM1468-1547 Social laws and legislation
KBM1572-1942 Courts and procedure
KBM2000-2024 Public law. The state and the Jewish community. Kehillah
KBM2070-2614 Constitutional law. Constitutional principles of the Jewish community
KBM2711-2840 Administrative law and process of communal agencies
KBM2970 Civil service. Employees of communal agencies
KBM3000-3036.5 Police and public safety
KBM3040.5-3073 Public property. Communal property. Restraints on private property
KBM3075-3097 Public health
KBM3098-3122 Medical legislation
KBM3124-3125 Birth control. Family planning
KBM3127-3134 Environmental law
KBM3127-3183 Cultural affairs
KBM3190-3436 Economic law
KBM3440-3504.5 Transportation and communication
KBM3515-3519 Professions
KBM3526-3695 Public finance
KBM3709-3729 Measures in time of war, national emergency, or economic crisis
KBM3738-3785 Community defense, Military law
KBM3790-4855     Criminal law and procedure
Subclass KBP
KBP1-4860 Islamic law. Sharī'ah. Fiqh
KBP2.2-8   Bibliography
KBP9.5 Monographic series
KBP10-14.5 Societies. Associations
KBP15 Congresses. Conferences
KBP18 Academies. Institutes
KBP40 Encyclopedias. Dictionaries
KBP40.2 Maxims. Quotations
KBP40.5 Directories
KBP41 Legal research
KBP42-43 Legal education. Study and teaching
KBP50-69 History, development and application of Islamic law
KBP70-75.4 Biography
KBP100-136.8 Sources
KBP144 General works
KBP173.25-.6 Islamic law and other disciplines or subjects
KBP174-190.5 Observances and practice of Islam
KBP250-420 Schools of thought. Islamic legal schools. Madhāhib
KBP425-4.66.3 Usūl al-fiqh. Jurisprudence and theory of law. Science of legal reasoning
KBP469 Influence of other legal systems on Islamic law
KBP470 Law reform. Criticism. Tanzīm
KBP480-485 Conflict of laws. Tanāzu’ al-qawānīn
KBP490-4860 Furū' al-fiqh. Substantive law. Branches of law
KBP490.2-.95   General works. Treatises
KBP491-497.95 Particular genres
KBP500-509.8 General concepts
KBP524-638 Ahwāl shakhsīyah
KBP639-1154 Mu‘āmalāt
KBP1155-119.4 Intellectual and industrial property
KBP1234-1259 Unfair competition
KBP1270-1467 Labor laws and legislation
KBP1468-1569 Social laws and legislation
KBP1572-1942 Courts and procedure
KBP2000-2035 Public law. The state and Islam
KBP.2101-2612 Constitution of the state. Constitutional law
KBP2730-2968 Government and administration. Siyāsah. Administrative process
KBP2970 Civil service. Employees of communal agencies
KBP3000-3037 Police and public safety
KBP3040.5-3072 Public property. Government property
KBP3075-3096.5 Public health
KBP3098-3121. Medical legislation
KBP3122 Veterinary medicine and hygiene. Veterinary public health
KBP3123-3123.5 Animal protection. Animal welfare. Animal rights
KBP3124-3125 Birth control. Family planning
KBP3127-3135     Environmental law
KBP313703183.3 Cultural affairs
KBP3190-3437 Economic law
KBP3440-3512 Transportation and communication
KBP3515-3521 Professions. Intelligentsia
KBP3526-3705 Public finance
KBP3709-3727 Government measures in time of war, national emergency, or economic crisis
KBP3738-3785 Military law
KBP3790-4860 Criminal law and procedure
Subclass KBR
KBR2-4090 History of canon law
KBR2-19   Bibliography
KBR21 Annuals. Annuaries. Yearbooks
KBR22 Monographic series
KBR27-41.7 Official acts of the Holy See
KBR42-54.5 Decisions of ecclesiastical tribunals and courts, and related materials.
KBR56 Encyclopedias. Law dictionaries. Terms and phrases. Vocabularia
KBR64 Directories
KBR74-83 Auxiliary sciences
KBR100.A-Z Proverbia. Legal maxims. Brocardica juris. Regulae juris
KBR105.A-Z Formularies. Clauses and forms. Formularia
KBR122-124 Collective biography of canonists and jurists
KBR127-129.5 Trials
KBR130-132 Legal research. Legal biblography. Methods of bibliographic research
KBR133-134 Legal education. Study and teaching
KBR136-148 Societies. Associations. Academies, etc.
KBR150 Conferences. Symposia
KBR160 General works
KBR190-2154.5 Sources
KBR2155-2157 Canon law and other disciplines or subjects
KBR2160-2204.5 Canonical jurisprudence. Canonical science
KBR2205-2206.3 Influence of other legal systems on Canon law
KBR2207 Law reform and policies. Criticism
KBR2208.A-Z General concepts and principles, A-Z
KBR2224-2295 Ius ecclesiasticum privatum
KBR2310-3026 Constitution of the Church
KBR3040-3070 The teaching office of the church. Magisterium. De ecclesiae munere docendi
KBR3077-3165 Sacraments. Administration of sacraments. De sacramentis et adminstratione
KBR3180-3182 Sacramentals. Sacramentalia
KBR3184-3256 Other acts of divine worhsip. De ceteris actibus Cultus Divini
KBR3264-3280 Social work of the Church. Public welfare. Caritas
KBR3320-3460 Church property. Church economics and finance. Adminsitration
KBR3500-3774 Penal (Criminal) law. De lege poenali
KBR3780-3983 Judiciary. Ecclesiastical courts and procedure. De processibus
KBR4000-4090 Church and state relationships. De relationibus inter ecclesiam et status. Lus publicium ecclesiae
Subclass KBU
KBU2-4820 Law of the Roman Catholic Church. The Holy See
KBU2-19   Bibliography
KBU21 Annuals. Annuaires. Yearbooks
KBU22 Monographic series
KBU25-26 Official gazette of the Holy See
KBU26.8-41.5 Official acts of the Holy See
KBU42-54.5 Decisions of ecclesiastical tribunals and courts, and related materials
KBU56 Encyclopedias
KBU56.5 Dictionaries. Terms and phrases. Vocabularies
KBU64 Directories
KBU102 Form books. Clauses and forms
KBU127-129.5 Trials
KBU130-132 Legal research. Legal bibliography. Methods of bibliographic research
KBU133 Legal education. Study and teaching
KBU136-148 Societies. Associations. Academies, etc.
KBU149 Acadaemies. Institutes
KBU150 Conferences. Symposia
KBU160 General works
KBU180.A-Z Works on diverse aspects of a particular subject and falling within several branches of the law. By Subject, A-Z
KBU195-1565 Collections. Compilations. Selections
KBU2155-2157 Cannon law and other disciplines or subjects
KBU2160-2204 Canonical jurisprudence. Theory and science of canon law
KBU2205-2206 Influence of other legal systems on cannon law
KBU2207 Law reform and policies. Criticism
KBU2208.A-Z Concepts applying to several branches of the law, A-Z
KBU2210-2212 The codes of canon law
KBU2215-2308 General norms and principles. De normis generalibus
KBU2310-3026 Constitution of the Church
KBU3040-3070 The teaching office of the Church. Magisterium. De ecclesiae munere docendi
KBU3075-3165 Sacraments. Administration of sacraments. De sacramentis et adminstratione
KBU3180-3182 Sacramentals. Sacramentalia
KBU3184-3256 Other acts of divine worship. De certeris actibus Cultus Divini
KBU3264-3280 Social work of the Church. Public welfare. Caritas
KBU3282-3310 Medical ethics and legislation. Church policy
KBU3320-3460 Church property. Church economics and finance
KBU3500-3774 Sanctions in the Church. Criminal law. De sanctionibus in Ecclesia. De lege poenali
KBU3780-3985 Courts and procedure. De processibus
KBU4000-4097 Church and state relationships. De relationibus inter ecclesiam et status. Ius publicum ecclesiae
KBU4112-4820 Local Church government
Subclass KD
KD Law of the United Kingdom and Ireland
KD51-9500   England and Wales
KD8850-9312 Local laws of England
KD9320-9355 Local laws of Wales
KD9400-9500 Wales
KDC51-990 Scotland
KDE 21-580 Northern Ireland
KDG26-540 Isle of Man. Channel Islands
KDK21-1950 Ireland (Eire)
Subclass KDZ
KDZ1-4999 America. North America
KDZ1101-1199   Organization of American States (OAS)
KDZ2001-2499.2 Bermuda
KDZ3001-3499 Greenland
KDZ4001-4499 St. Pierre and Miquelon
Subclass KE
KE Law of Canada
KE1-9450   Federal law. Common and collective provincial law
Individual provinces and territories
KEA1-599   Alberta
KEB1-599 British Columbia
KEM1-599 Manitoba
KEN1-599 New Brunswick
KEN1201-1799 Newfoundland
KEN5401-5999 Northwest Territories
KEN7401-7999 Nova Scotia
KEO1-1199 Ontario
KEP1-599 Prince Edward Island
KEQ1-1199 Quebec
KES1-599 Saskatchewan
KEY1-599 Yukon Territory
KEZ1-9999 Individual cities, A-Z
Subclass KF
KF Law of the United States
KF1-9827   Federal law. Common and collective state law
Individual states
KFA1-599   Alabama
KFA1201-1799 Alaska
KFA2401-2999 Arizona
KFA3601-4199 Arkansas
KFC1-1199 California
KFC1801-2399 Colorado
KFC3601-4199 Connecticut
KFD1-599 Delaware
KFD1201-1799 District of Columbia
KFF1-599 Florida
KFG1-599 Georgia
KFH1-599 Hawaii
KFI1-599 Idaho
KFI1201-1799 Illinois
KFI3001-3599 Indiana
KFI4201-4799 Iowa
KFK1-599 Kansas
KFK1201-1799 Kentucky
KFL1-599 Louisiana
KFM1-599 Maine
KFM1201-1799 Maryland
KFM2401-2999 Massachusetts
KFM4201-4799 Michigan
KFM5401-5999 Minnesota
KFM6601-7199 Mississippi
KFM7801-8399 Missouri
KFM9001-9599 Montana
KFN1-599 Nebraska
KFN601-1199 Nevada
KFN1201-1799 New Hampshire
KFN1801-2399 New Jersey
KFN3601-4199 New Mexico
KFN5001-6199 New York
KFN7401-7999 North Carolina
KFN8601-9199 North Dakota
KFO1-599 Ohio
KFO1201-1799 Oklahoma
KFO2401-2999 Oregon
KFP1-599 Pennsylvania
KFR1-599 Rhode Island
KFS1801-2399 South Carolina
KFS3001-3599 South Dakota
KFT1-599 Tennessee
KFT1201-1799 Texas
KFU1-599 Utah
KFV1-599 Vermont
KFV2401-2999     Virginia
KFW1-599 Washington
KFW1201-1799 West Virginia
KFW2401-2999 Wisconsin
KFW4201-4799 Wyoming
KFX1-9999 Individual cities, A Z
KFZ1801-2399 Northwest Territory
KFZ8601-9199 Confederate States of America
Subclass KG
KG1-999 Latin America (General)
KG3001-3999 Mexico and Central America (General)
KGA1-9000   Belize
KGB1-9000 Costa Rica
KGC1-9800 El Salvador
KGD1-9990 Guatemala
KGE1-9990 Honduras
KGF1-9900 Mexico
KGG1-9800 Nicaragua
KGH1-8000 Panama
KGH9001-9499 Panama Canal Zone
West Indies. Caribbean area
KGJ1-999 General
KGJ7001-7499 Anguilla
KGK1-499 Antigua and Barbuda
KGK1001-1499 Aruba
KGL1-499 Bahamas
KGL1001-1499 Barbados
KGL2001-2499 Bonaire
KGL3001-3499 British Leeward Islands
KGL4001-4499 British Virgin Islands
KGL5001-5999 British West Indies
KGL6001-6499 British Windward Islands
KGM1-499 Cayman Islands
KGN1-9800 Cuba
KGP1-499 Curaçao
KGP2001-2499 Dominica
KGQ1-9800 Dominican Republic
KGR1-499 Dutch Leeward Islands (General)
KGR1001-1499 Dutch West Indies (Netherlands Antilles)
KGR2001-2499 Dutch Windward Islands (General)
KGR3001-3499 French West Indies (General)
KGR4001-4499 Grenada
KGR5001-5499 Guadeloupe
KGS1-9000 Haiti
KGT1-499 Jamaica
KGT1001-1499 Martinique
KGT2001-2499 Montserrat
KGU1-499 Navassa Islands
KGV1-8200 Puerto Rico
KGW1-499 Saba
KGW2001-2499 Saint Christopher (Saint Kitts), Nevis, and Anguilla
KGW3001-3499 Saint Lucia
KGW5001-5499 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
KGW7001-7499 Sint Eustatius
KGW8001-8499 Sint Maarten
KGX1-499 Trinidad and Tobago
KGY1-499 Turks and Caicos Islands
KGZ1-499 Virgin Islands of the United States
Subclass KH
KH1-999 South America (General)
KHA1-9800   Argentina
KHC1-8200 Bolivia
KHD1-9900 Brazil
KHF1-9800 Chile
KHH1-9900 Colombia
KHK1-9990 Ecuador
KHL1-9000 Falkland Islands
KHM1-9000 French Guiana
KHN1-9000 Guyana
KHP1-9700 Paraguay
KHQ1-9800 Peru
KHS1-9000 Surinam
KHU1-9800 Uruguay
KHW1-9900 Venezuela
Subclasses KJ-KKZ
KJ Europe
KJ2-1040   History of Law
KJ160-1040 Germanic law
KJA2-3660 Roman law
KJC2-9799 Regional comparative and uniform law
KJE5-7975 Regional organization and integration. Comparative law
KJG1-4999 Albania
KJH1-499 Andorra
KJJ1-4999 Austria
KJK1-4999 Belgium
KJM1-4999 Bulgaria
KJN1-499 Cyprus
KJP1-4999 Czechoslovakia
KJR1-4999 Denmark
KJS1-4985 Estonia
KJT1-4999 Finland
KJV2-9158   National laws
KJW51-4360 Individual regions, provinces, departments, etc.
KJW5201-9600 Individual cities
KK2-9799.3 Germany and West Germany
KKA7-9796 East Germany
KKB-KKC Individual states, provinces, and cities
KKE1-4999 Greece
KKF1-4999 Hungary
KKG1-499 Iceland
KKH1-4999 Italy
KKI1-4890 Latvia
KKJ1-499 Liechtenstein
KKJ501-9890 Lithuania
KKK1-499 Luxembourg
KKK1001-1499 Malta
KKL1-499 Monaco
KKM1-4999 Netherlands
KKN1-4999 Norway
KKP1-4999 Poland
KKQ1-4999 Portugal
KKR1-4999 Romania
KKS1-499 San Marino
KKT1-4999 Spain
KKV1-4999 Sweden
KKW1-4999 Switzerland
KKX1-4999 Turkey
KKY1-4999 Ukraine (1991- )
KKZ1-4999 Yugoslavia
Subclass KL
Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antarctica
KL2-5915   History of law. The ancient orient
KL2-135   General
KL147-177 Ancient legal systems compared
KL190-420 Sources
KL700-2215 Mesopotamia. Assyro Babylonian law
KL1000-1299 Sumer
KL1600-1899 Assyria
KL2200-2499 Babylonia
KL2800-3099 Egypt
KL3500-3799 Elam
KL4110-4399 Greek law
KL4700-4999 Hittite law
KL5300-5599 Persia
KL5900-6199 Phoenicia
Turkey, see KKX
KLA1-9999 Russia. Soviet Union
KLB1-6499 Russia (Federation, 1992- )
KLD1-490 Armenian S.S.R. (to 1991)
KLE1-490 Azerbaijan
KLF1-490 Belarus (Republic)
Estonia, see KJS
KLH1-490 Georgia (Republic)
Latvia, see KKI
Lithuania, see KKJ
KLM1-490 Moldova
KLN1-489 Russian S.F.S.R. (to 1991)
KLP1-4989 Ukraine (1919-1991)
KLP9001-9499 Zakavkazskaia Sotsialisticheskaia Federativnaia Sovetskaia Respublika (to 1936)
KLQ1-499 Bukharskaia Narodnaia Sovetskaia Respublika (to 1924)
KLR1-490 Kazakhstan
KLR1001-1499 Khorezmskaia Sovetskaia Sotsialisticheskaia Respublika (to 1924)
KLS1-490 Kyrgyzstan
KLT1-490 Tadjikistan
KLV1-490 Turkmenistan
KLW1-490 Uzbekistan
Subclass KM
Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antarctica
KM1-999   General
Middle East. Southwest Asia
KMC1-799   Regional comparative and uniform law
KME10-799 Regional organization and integration
KMF1-293.5 Armenia (Republic)
KMF1001-1490 Bahrain
KMG1-489 Gaza
KMH1-4990 Iran
KMJ1-4990 Iraq
KMK1-4990 Israel
KML1-490 Jerusalem
KMM1-490 Jordan
KMM501-994 West Bank (Territory under Israeli occupation, 1967-)
KMN1-499 Kuwait
KMP1-490 Lebanon
KMQ1-490 Oman
KMQ1001-1499 Palestine (to-1948)
KMS1-490 Qatar
KMT1-4990 Saudi Arabia
Southern Yemen, see KMY
KMU1-490 Syria
KMV1-9870 United Arab Emirates
KMX1001-1526 Yemen
KMY1-489 Yemen (People's Democratic Republic) (to 1990)
Subclass KN
Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antarctica
  South Asia. Southeast Asia. East Asia
KNC1-999   Regional comparative and uniform law
KNE150-499 Regional organization and integration
KNF1-4990 Afghanistan
KNG1-4990 Bangladesh
KNH1-490 Bhutan
KNK1-490 Brunei
KNL1-4990 Burma
KNM1-4990 Cambodia
KNN1-9000 China
KNP1-599 China (Republic, 1949- ). Taiwan
KNQ1-9665 China (People's Republic, 1949- )
KNR1-489 Hong Kong
KNS1-4999 India
KNT-KNU   States, cities, etc.
KNV1-489 French Indochina
KNW1-4990 Indonesia
KNX1-4999 Japan
KNY10-220 Cities, etc.
Subclass KP
Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antarctica
  South Asia. Southeast Asia. East Asia
KPA1-4990   Korea. South Korea
KPC1-4990 Democratic People's Republic of Korea. North Korea
KPE1-4990 Laos
KPF1-489 Macao
KPG1-6999 Malaysia
KPG7001-9999   States of East and West Malaysia (1957- ) (Part 1)
KPH1-4990 States of East and West Malaysia (1957- ) (Part 2)
KPH5001-5490 Maldives
KPJ1-490 Mongolia
KPK1-490 Nepal
KPL1-4990 Pakistan
KPM1-4990 Philippines
KPP1-499 Singapore
KPS1-4990 Sri Lanka
KPT1-4990 Thailand
KPV1-8094 Vietnam
KPW1-489 Vietnam. South Vietnam
Subclass KQ
Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antarctica
KQ2-197   History of law
KQ2010-9000 Law of indigenous peoples
KQC1-999 Regional comparative and uniform law
KQE10-1249 Regional organization and integration
KQG1-4990 Algeria
KQH1-4990 Angola
KQJ1-490 Benin
KQK1-490 Botswana
KQM1-499 British Central Africa Protectorate
KQP1-499 British Indian Ocean Territory
KQP1001-1499 British Somaliland
KQT1-490 Burkina Faso
KQV1-490 Burundi
KQW1-8020 Cameroon
KQX1-490 Cape Verde
Subclass KR
Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antarctica
KRB1-490   Central African Republic
KRC1-490 Chad
KRE1-490 Comoros
KRG1-490 Congo
KRK1-490 Djibouti
KRL1-499 East Africa Protectorate
KRM1-4990 Egypt
KRN1-499 Eritrea
KRP1-4990 Ethiopia
KRR1-499 French Equatorial Africa
KRS1-499 French West Africa
KRU1-490 Gabon
KRV1-489 Gambia
KRW1-499 German East Africa
KRX1-4990 Ghana
KRY1-499 Gibraltar
Subclass KS
Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antarctica
KSA1-490   Guinea
KSC1-490 Guinea-Bissau
KSE1-490 Equatorial Guinea
KSE601-699 Ifni
KSG1-499 Italian East Africa
KSG1001-1499 Italian Somaliland
KSH1-4990 Ivory Coast
KSK1-4990 Kenya
KSL1-490 Lesotho
KSN1-490 Liberia
KSP1-4990 Libya
KSR1-490 Madagascar
KSS1-490 Malawi
KST1-490 Mali
KSU1-490 Mauritania
KSV1-490 Mauritius
KSV5001-5490 Mayotte
KSW1-4990 Morocco
KSX1-4990 Mozambique
KSY1-4990 Namibia
KSZ1-490 Niger
Subclass KT
Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antarctica
KTA1-9150   Nigeria
KTC1-499 Réunion
KTD1-490 Rwanda
KTE1-490 Saint Helena
KTF1-490 São Tomé and Principe
KTG1-4990 Senegal
KTH1-490 Seychelles
KTJ1-490 Sierra Leone
KTK1-490 Somalia
KTL1-9560 South Africa, Republic of
KTN1-499 Spanish West Africa (to 1958)
KTN601-699 Spanish Sahara (to 1975)
KTQ1-4990 Sudan
KTR1-490 Swaziland
KTT1-9910 Tanzania
KTU1-490 Togo
KTV1-4990 Tunisia
KTW1-490 Uganda
KTX1-4990 Zaire
KTY1-490 Zambia
KTY1501-1599 Zanzibar (to 1964)
KTZ1-490 Zimbabwe
Subclass KU
Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antarctica
  Pacific Area
KU1-4999   Australia
KUA-KUH   States and territories
External territories
KUN501-599   Norfolk Island
KUN3001-3050 Cities, communities, etc.
KUQ1-4990 New Zealand
Subclass KV
Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antarctica
  Pacific Area
  Pacific area jurisdictions
  Regional comparative and uniform law
KVB1-999   Australia and New Zealand
KVC1-999 Other Pacific area jurisdictions
KVE200-349 Regional organization and integration
KVH1-490 American Samoa
KVH1001-1499 British New Guinea (Territory of Papua)
KVL1-489 Cook Islands
KVM1-489 Easter Island
KVN1-490 Fiji
KVP1-100 French Polynesia
KVP1001-1099 German New Guinea (to 1914)
KVQ1-490 Guam
KVR1-490 Kiribati
KVS1-490 Marshall Islands
KVS501-990 Micronesia (Federated States)
KVS2501-2999 Midway Islands
KVU1-499 Nauru
KVU1001-1099 Netherlands New Guinea (to 1963)
KVW1-490 New Caledonia
Subclass KW
Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antarctica
  Pacific Area
  Pacific area jurisdictions
KWA1-489   Niue
KWC1-490 Northern Mariana Islands
KWE1-499 Pacific Islands (Trust Territory)
KWG1-490 Palau
KWH1-490 Papua New Guinea
KWL1-499 Pitcairn Island
KWL2001-2490 Solomon Islands
KWP1-490 Tonga
KWQ1-490 Tuvalu
KWR1-490 Vanuatu
KWT1-489 Wake Island
KWT2001-2490 Wallis and Futuna Islands
KWW1-490 Western Samoa
KWX Antarctica
Subclass KZ
KZ2-6795 Law of nations
KZ2-5.5   Bibliography
KZ24-38 Societies, etc.
KZ27-37   National
KZ(60)-62.5 Intergovernmental congresses and conferences
KZ(63)-1152 Sources. Fontes juris gentium
KZ118-194 Treaties and other international agreements
KZ119-165   To 1920
KZ170-173 1920
KZ176-182.5 Boundary treaties
KZ183-183.5 Treaties of arbitration, investigation, etc.
KZ184-194 Peace treaties
KZ199-218 Judicial decisions and arbitral awards. Law reports
KZ221-1152 By region or country
KZ1165-1208 Trials
KZ1168-1208 War crime trials
KZ1234-1236 Legal research. Legal bibliography
KZ1249-1252 International law and other disciplines
KZ1255-1273 Theory and principles
KZ1267-1273 Domain of the law of nations
KZ1284-1285.5 Methodology
KZ1287-1296 Codification of the law of nations
KZ1298-1304 The law of treaties. System of treaty law
KZ(1319)-(1327) International legal regimes
KZ1329-3085 Early/Medieval development to ca. 1900. Ius Naturae et Gentium
KZ1330-1339 Peace of Westphalia to the French Revolution (1648-1789)
KZ1345-1369 French Revolution to the American Civil War (1789-1861)
KZ1373-1387.2 American Civil War to the First Conference of the Hague (1861-1899)
KZ2064-3085 Publicists. Writers on public international law
KZ3092-3405 20th century
KZ3110-3405 Publicists. Writers on public international law
KZ3410 21st century
KZ3670-3881 Objects of the law of nations. Territory and its different parts
KZ3900-(5490) The international legal community and members
KZ3910-(5490) Subjects of the law of nations
KZ4002-4080 The state
KZ4110 By region
KZ4112-4820 By state
KZ4850-(5490) Intergovernmental organizations. IGOs
KZ4853-(4934)   The League of Nations
KZ(4935)-5275 The United Nations
KZ(5330)-(5490) Regional organizations
KZ5510-6299 International law of peace and peace enforcement
KZ5586-5893 The system of collective security
KZ5615-5893 Arms control and disarmament regimes
KZ5637-5645 Conventional arms control
KZ5647-5686 Nuclear (Strategic) arms limitation
KZ5687-5788.5 Nuclear weapon free zones and zones of peace
KZ5834-5865         Other weapons of mass destruction
KZ5870-5893 Mutual and balanced reduction of armed forces
KZ5900-5967 Military pact systems for collective self defense
KZ6009-6299 Pacific settlement of international disputes and conflict resolution
KZ6115-6299 Arbitration and adjudication
KZ6350-6785 Enforced settlement of international disputes
KZ6360-6373 Non-military coercion
KZ6374-(6377) Threat of force
KZ6378-6795 Law of war and neutrality. Jus belli
KZ6427-6437 Warfare on land
KZ6440-6530 Humanitarian law
KZ6540-6660 Warfare on sea
KZ6665-6714 Air warfare
KZ6730-6785 The end of war. Armistice. Surrender. Postliminy
KZA1002-(4205) Law of the sea
KZA1040-1065 Intergovernmental congresses and conferences
KZA1118-1122 Treaties and other international agreements
KZA1340-1417 Concepts and principles
KZA1340 Mare clausum doctrine
KZA1348-1405 Mare liberum doctrine
KZA1430-1690 Maritime boundaries
KZA1630-1664 Continental shelf
KZA(3481)-(3900) Marine resources conservation and development
KZA(3891)-(3900) High seas fisheries and fisheries regimes
KZA4130-(4205) Public order of the oceans
KZD1002-6715 Space law. Law of outer space
KZD1040-1065 Intergovernmental congresses and conferences
KZD1118-1122 Treaties and other international agreements
KZD1340-1400 Concepts and principles. Theory
KZD1390-1400 Regulated use theory
KZD1410 The source of the law of space
KZD1420-1455 Boundaries
KZD3489-4406 Peaceful uses of outer space
KZD3489.5-3608 Space resources
KZD4030-4326 Public order in space and outer space
KZD4080-4210 Space flight
KZD(4301)-4310 Space communication
KZD4320.2-4326 Rescue operations in outer space
KZD4440-4406 Liability for accidents
KZD5614-6715 Un-peaceful uses of outer space
KZD5620-5622.2 Treaties and other international agreements
KZD5648-5680.2 Disarmament and demilitarization regimes in outer space