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140482Library of Congress Classification — Class L: Education


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Subclass L Education (General)
Subclass LA History of education
Subclass LB Theory and practice of education
Subclass LC Special aspects of education
Subclass LD Individual institutions - United States
Subclass LE Individual institutions - America (except United States)
Subclass LF Individual institutions - Europe
Subclass LG Individual institutions - Asia, Africa, Indian Ocean islands, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific islands
Subclass LH College and school magazines and papers
Subclass LJ Student fraternities and societies, United States
Subclass LT Textbooks

Subclass L

L7-991 Education (General)
L7-97   Periodicals. Societies
L101 Yearbooks
L107 Congresses
L111-791 Official documents, reports, etc.
L797 898 Educational exhibitions and museums
L899 School fairs
L900-991 Directories of educational institutions
Subclass LA
LA5-2396 History of education
LA5-25   General
LA31-135 By period
LA173-186 Higher education
LA201-398 United States
LA410-2284 Other regions or countries
LA2301-2396 Biography
Subclass LB
LB5-3640 Theory and practice of education
LB5-45   General
LB51-885 Systems of individual educators and writers
LB1025-1050.75 Teaching (Principles and practice)
LB1049.9-1050.75   Reading (General)
LB1050.9-1091 Educational psychology
LB1101-1139 Child study
LB1139.2-1139.5 Early childhood education
LB1140-1140.5 Preschool education. Nursery schools
LB1141-1489 Kindergarten
LB1501-1547 Primary education
LB1555-1602 Elementary or public school education
LB1603-1696.6 Secondary education. High schools
LB1705 2286 Education and training of teachers and administrators
LB1771-1773 Certification of teachers
LB1775-1785 Professional aspects of teaching and school administrators. Vocational guidance
LB1805-2151 State teachers colleges
LB1811-1987   United States
LB1991-2151 Other regions or countries
LB2165-2278 Teacher training in universities and colleges
LB2300-2430 Higher education
LB2326.4-2330 Institutions of higher education
LB2331.7-2335.8 Teaching personnel
LB2335.86-2335.885 Trade unions
LB2335.95-2337 Endowments, trusts, etc.
LB2337.2-2340.8 Student financial aid
LB2341-2341.95 Supervision and administration. Business management
LB2351-2359 Admissions and entrance requirements
LB2361-2365 Curriculum
LB2366-2367.75 College examinations
LB2371-2372 Graduate education
LB2381-2391 Academic degrees
LB2799-2799.3 Educational consultants and consulting
LB2801-3095 School administration and organization
LB2831.6-2831.99 Administrative personnel
LB2832-2844.1 Teaching personnel
LB2844.52-2844.63 Trade unions
LB3011-3095 School management and discipline
LB3045-3048 Textbooks

Educational tests, measurements, evaluations and examinations

LB3201-3325 School architecture and equipment. School physical facilities. Campus planning
LB3401-3495 School hygiene. School health services
LB3497-3499 Hygiene in universities and colleges
LB3525-3575 Special days

School life. Student manners and customs

Subclass LC
LC8-6691 Special aspects of education
LC8-59   Forms of education
LC8   General works
LC15 Conversation and culture
LC25-33 Self education. Self culture
LC37-44.3 Home education
LC45-45.8 Nonformal education
LC47-58.7 Private school education
LC58-58.7   Preparatory schools. Preparatory school education
LC59 Public school education
LC65-245 Social aspects of education
LC65-67.68 Economic aspects of education
LC68-70 Demographic aspects of education
LC71-120.4 Education and the state
LC72-72.5 Academic freedom
LC107-120.4 Public school question. Secularization. Religious instruction in the public schools
LC129-139 Compulsory education
LC142-148.5 Attendance. Dropouts
LC149-161 Literacy. Illiteracy
LC165-182 Higher education and the state
LC184-188 Taxation of schools and colleges
LC189-214.53 Educational sociology
LC212-212.863 Discrimination in education
LC212.9-212.93 Sex differences in education
LC213-214.53 Educational equalization. Right to education
LC215-238.4 Community and the school
LC223 Schools as community centers
LC225-226.7 Home and school
LC230-235 Parent teacher associations. Home and school associations
LC237-238.4 College university and the community
LC241-245 Foundations, endowments, funds
LC251-951 Moral and religious education
LC251-318 Moral education. Character building
LC321-951 Religion and education. Education under church control
LC361-629 Christian education. Church education
LC446-454   Orthodox Eastern Church
LC461-510 Roman Catholic
LC531-629 Protestant
LC701-775 Jewish education
LC901-915 Islamic education
LC921-929.7 Buddhist education
LC951 Other
LC980-1099.5 Types of education
LC1001-1024 Humanistic education. Liberal education
LC1022-1022.25 Computer assisted education
LC1025-1027 Collective education
LC1030 Communist education
LC1031-1034.5 Competency based education
LC1035-1035.8   Basic education. Basic skills education
LC1036-1036.8 Community education
LC1037-1037.8 Career education
LC1041-1048 Vocational education (General)
LC1049-1049.8 Cooperative education
LC1051-1072 Professional education
LC1081-1087.4 Industrial education (General)
LC1090-1091 Political education
LC1099-1099.5 Multicultural education (General)
LC1200-1203   Inclusive education
LC1390-5160.3 Education of special classes of persons
LC1390 Men. Boys
LC1401-2572 Women. Girls
LC2574-2576 Gays. Lesbians. Bisexuals
LC2580-2582 Student athletes
LC2601-2611 Education in developing countries
LC2630-2638 Asian Americans. Asians in the United States
LC2667-2698 Latin Americans. Hispanic Americans
LC2680-2688   Mexican Americans. Mexicans in the United States
LC2690-2698 Puerto Ricans. Puerto Ricans in the United States
LC2699-2913 Blacks. African Americans
LC3001-3501 Asians
LC3503-3520 Romanies. Gypsies
LC3530-3540 Lapps
LC3551-3593 Jews
LC3701-3740 Immigrants or ethnic and linguistic minorities. Bilingual schools and bilingual education
LC3745-3747 Children of immigrants (First generation)
LC3950-4806.5 Exceptional children and youth. Special education
LC3991-4000 Gifted children and youth
LC4001-4806.5 Children and youth with disabilities. Learning disabled children and youth
LC4812-5160.3 Other special classes
LC5161-5163 Fundamental education
LC5201-6660.4 Education extension. Adult education. Continuing education
LC5451-5493 Aged education
LC5501-5560 Evening schools
LC5701-5771 Vacation schools. Summer schools
LC5800-5808 Distance education
LC5900-6101 Correspondence schools
LC6201-6401 University extension
LC6501-6560.4 Lyceums and lecture courses. Forums
LC6571-6581 Radio and television extension courses. Instruction by radio and television
LC6601-6660.4 Reading circles and correspondence clubs
LC6681 Education and travel
LC6691 Traveling educational exhibits
Subclass LD
LD13-7501 Individual institutions
LD13-7501   United States
LD13-7251   Universities. Colleges
LD6501   Community colleges. Junior colleges
LD7020-7251 Women's colleges
LD7501 Secondary and elementary schools
Subclass LE
LE3-78 Individual institutions
LE3-78   America (except United States)
LE3-5   Canada
LE7-9 Mexico
LE11-13 Central America
LE15-17 West Indies
LE21-78 South America
LE21-23   Argentina
LE27-29 Bolivia
LE31-33 Brazil
LE36-38 Chile
LE41-43 Colombia
LE46-48 Ecuador
LE51-59 Guianas
LE61-63 Paraguay
LE66-68 Peru
LE71-73 Uruguay
LE76-78 Venezuela
Subclass LF
LF14-5627 Individual institutions
LF14-1257   Great Britain
LF14-797   England
LF800-957 Ireland
LF960-1137 Scotland
LF1140-1257 Wales
LF(1311)-1537 Austria
LF1541-1549 Czech Republic
LF1550-1550.8 Slovakia
LF1561-1697 Hungary
LF1705-1709 Finland
LF1711-2397 France
LF2402-3197 Germany
LF3211-3247 Greece
LF3248-3897 Italy
LF3899 Malta
LF3911-4067 Belgium
LF4069 Luxembourg
LF4071-4197 Netherlands
LF4203-4209 Poland
LF(4211)-4437 Russia (Federation)
LF4440-4441 Estonia
LF4443-4444 Latvia
LF4445-4446 Lithuania
LF4447.2-4447.5 Belarus
LF4448-4448.5 Moldova
LF4449.2-4449.5 Ukraine
LF4451-4487 Denmark
LF4488-4488.2 Faroe Islands
LF4489-4491 Iceland
LF4493-4537 Norway
LF4539-4607 Sweden
LF4610-4827 Spain
LF4831-4887 Portugal
LF4901-5047 Switzerland
LF5051-5627 Turkey and the Baltic states
Subclass LG
LG21-961 Individual institutions
LG21-395   Asia
LG21   Afghanistan
LG51-53 China
LG55-57 Taiwan
LG60-170.2 India. Pakistan. Bangladesh. Burma. Sri Lanka. Nepal
LG171-172 Indochina
LG173 Malaysia
LG181-184 Indonesia
LG185-187 Papua New Guinea (Ter.)
LG200-227 Philippines
LG240-277 Japan
LG281-285 Korea
LG291 Iran
LG302.2-320 Former Soviet republics in Asia
LG321 Asia Minor
LG331-331.5 Armenia (Republic)
LG332.2-332.5 Azerbaijan
LG332.7-332.9 Georgia (Republic)
LG333 Bahrain
LG338 Iraq
LG341-345 Israel. Palestine
LG346 Jordan
LG347 Kuwait
LG351-357 Lebanon
LG358 Qatar
LG359 Saudi Arabia
LG361-367 Syria
LG370 Yeman (Yemen Arab Republic)
LG395 Other
LG401-681   Africa
LG401   Ethiopia
LG405-411   South Africa
LG416   Botswana
LG418   Kenya
LG419   Lesotho
LG421-423   Uganda
LG431-438   Natal
LG441-443   Malawi
LG451   Orange Free State
LG454   Swaziland
LG457   Transkei
LG459   Venda
LG461-462   Zimbabwe
LG468   Tanzania
LG469   Zambia
LG471-475   Transvaal
LG478   Zululand
LG481-505   West Africa
LG481-483   Nigeria
LG497-499 Ghana
LG511   Egypt
LG513-514 Sudan
LG521 Algeria and Tunisia
LG525 Burundi
LG531-536 French Equatorial Africa. French Congo
LG541-543 Madagascar
LG545-547 Rwanda
LG551-552 Senegal
LG553-554 Benin
LG559-560 Ivory Coast
LG561 Mali
LG581-593 German Africa (Former)
LG601-611 Italian Africa (Former)
LG615 Zaire
LG621 Liberia
LG631-632 Morocco
LG641-651 Portuguese Africa (Former)
LG671 Spanish Africa
LG681 Libya
LG690   Indian Ocean islands
LG715-720 Australia
LG741-745 New Zealand
LG961 Pacific islands
Subclass LH
LH1-9 College and school magazines and papers
Subclass LJ
LJ3-165 Student fraternities and societies, United States
Subclass LT
LT6-501 Textbooks
    Class here textbooks covering several subjects. For textbooks on particular subjects, see the subject in B-Z