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Lippincott's Monthly Magazine
Volume 46: July–December 1890









Copyright, 1890, by J. B. Lippincott Company.

Printed by J. B. Lippincott Company, Phildelphia, U.S.A.


Accidents and Trifles William Shepard 706
An Army Portia (A Novel) Captain Charles King, U.S.A 721–843
Art of Interviewing, The Frank A. Burr 391
At the End of the Passage Rudyard Kipling 246
Author of “Metzerott, Shoemaker,” The Hester Crawford Dorsey 375
Bermuda Islands, The H. C. Walsh 854
“Bond’s” M. P. 702
Brief Correspondence with Paul Hamilton Hayne, A John Eliot Bowen 368
British Side-Glances at America Anne H. Wharton 709
Cheiromancy of To-Day, The Edward Heron-Allen 102
Contemporary Biography:
Harriet Beecher Stowe Eleanor P. Allen 261
John J. Ingalls J. M. S. 141
Current Concentration of Industrial Capital Henry Clewe 379
Electric Lighting David Salomons 528
Heroines of the Human Comedy Junius Henri Browne 875
Journalism versus Literature W. J. Henderson 712
Keely’s Contributions to Science Mrs. Bloomfield-Moore 111
Laggard in Love, A (A Novel) Jeanie Gwynne Bettany 577–674
Lapse of Tolstoi, The Frederic M. Bird 273
Lawn Tennis for Women

Bertha L. Townsend
Margarette Lyman Ballard

Le Prix de Rome L. R. McCabe 559
Mark of the Beast, The (A Novel) Katharine Pearson Woods 289–348
Marriage at Sea, A (A Novel) W. Clark Russell 427–511
Milk-Legislation R. M. Elfreth 276
My Enemy Esmè Stuart 360
My Florida Rose Elizabeth Cleveland 521
Nicaragua Canal, The Rear-Admiral Daniel Ammen 349
Papuan Dances Alfred C. Haddon 386
Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, The Charles Morris 278
Philosopher in Purple G. Barnett Smith 691
Philosophy of Folk-Tales, The C. Staniland Wake 415
Picture of Dorian Gray, The (A Novel) Oscar Wilde 1–100
Powers of the Air, The Felix L. Oswald 150
Public and the Stage, The Edward Fuller 564
Revulsion from Realism, A Anne H. Wharton 409
Romance of the Impossible, The Julian Hawthorne 412
Round-Robin Talks.—II., III.

Thomas P. Ochiltree,
Moses P. Handy,
Richard Malcolm Johnston,
Thomas Nelson Page,
Senator W, C. Squire,
J. M. Stoddart,
Steele Mackaye,
Edward Harrigan,
John Chamberlin,
Dr. Edward Bedloe,
E. Berry Wall.

124, 537
Round, Unvarnish’d Tale, A Elizabeth W. Bellamy 569
Some Experiences of a Stump Speaker B. F. Hughes 685
Some of the Fallacies of the Woman Suffragists M. Helen Lovett 567
Superstitions about Birds Charles McIlvaine 403
Tariff, A Glance at the Joel Cook 846
Tartuffe in Ebony Jeanie Drake 512
Types in Fiction W. W.Crane 862
University Extension Sydney T. Skidmore 549
“What Gold Cannot Buy” (A Novel) Mrs. Alexander 161–237
A Sonnet M. G. McClelland 558
A Touchstone Charles Henry Lüders 374
A Unit Elizabeth Stoddard 101
After Reading Chaucer Minna Irving 853
Crystal and Clay Percy Vere 359
Ebb and Flow H. W. F. 260
Echoes Curtie Hall 110
Envy of Grief Bessie Chandler 520
Homeward Florence Earle Coates 367
I, Polyorates S. D.S, Jr. 853
“In my Love’s Looks” Dora Read Goodale 403
My Lady Waits Charles Washington Coleman 701
Outcast Solomon Solis-Coken 378
Roses of Love Julian Hawthorne 536
The Famous Sonnet of Arvers Translated by Mrs. E. W. Latimer 705
The Pale Cast of Thought Owen Wister 272
To a Poet in Exile Maurice Francis Egan 402
To the Sunset Breeze Walt Whitman 861
Uncrowned Daniel L. Dawson 844
Veiled Margaret Vandegrift 245
Wait but a Day Rose Hawthorne Lathrop 149
Where Lies the Land? Charles D. Bell 684
Whom Others Envy Rose Hartwick Thorpe 705
Woman Charles H. Crandall 272
Zanthon—my Friend Elizabeth Stoddard 238

Julian Hawthorne,
Melville Philips,
H. C. Walsh,
Charles Morris,
R. M. Johnston,
Frederic M, Bird.

154, 279, 418, 571, 715, 864
New Books 157, 286, 423, 574, 769, 367

This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published before January 1, 1927. It may be copyrighted outside the U.S. (see Help:Public domain).