Lippincott's Monthly Magazine/Volume 46/July 1890

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JULY, 1890.


The Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde 1–100
A Unit Elizabeth Stoddard 101
Cheiromancy of To-Day, The Edward Heron-Allen 102
Echoes Curtie Hall 110
Keely’s Contributions to Science Mrs. Bloomfield-Moore 111
Round-Robin Talks.—II.

Thomas P. Ochiltree,
Moses P. Handy,
Richard Malcolm Johnston,
Thomas Nelson Page,
Senator W, C. Squire,
J. M. Stoddart,
Steele Mackaye,
Edward Harrigan,
John Chamberlin,
Dr. Edward Bedloe,
E. Berry Wall.

Contemporary Biography: John J. Ingalls J. M. S. 141
Wait but a Day Rose Hawthorne Lathrop 149
The Powers of the Air Felix L. Oswald 150
Book Talk

Julian Hawthorne,
Melville Philips

New Books 157