Littell's Living Age/Volume 130/Issue 1682

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Fifth Series,
Volume XV.
No. 1682. — September 2, 1876. From Beginning
Vol. CXXX.

I. The Comte de Paris' Campaign on the Potomac, Edinburgh Review, 579
II. Carita. By Mrs. Oliphant, author of "Chronicles of Carlingford," "Zaidee," etc., Part VI., Cornhill Magazine, 593
III. When the Sea was Young, Cornhill Magazine, 597
IV. What She Came Through. By Sarah Tytler, author of "Lady Bell," etc., Part XIV., Good Words, 608
V. Wordsworth's Ethics, Cornhill Magazine, 615
VI. Sketch of a Journey across Africa. By Verney Lovett Cameron, Lieutenant Royal Navy. Part III., Good Words, 629
VII. Secret-Service Money under George I., Academy, 635
VIII. Eccentricity, Good Words, 636
IX. Resources of Servia and Bosnia, Nature, 639
The Seven-Nights' Watch, 578  When we are Parted, 578
One of the Sevens, 578
Miscellany, 640