Littell's Living Age/Volume 130/Issue 1683

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Fifth Series,
Volume XV.
No. 1683. — September 9, 1876. From Beginning
Vol. CXXX.

I. Clarendon. Part II., Contemporary Review, 643
II. The Rev. Adam Cameron's Visit to London, Cornhill Magazine, 656
III. The Territorial Expansion of Russia, Fortnightly Review, 677
IV. Narrative of the Wreck of the "Strathmore". By one of the Survivors, Chambers' Journal, 690
V. Whewell's Writings and Correspondence, Nature, 696
VI. The Turkish Atrocities, Economist, 698
VII. The Whole Duty of Woman from a Chinese Point of View, Pall Mall Budget, 700
VIII. On Talkers, Examiner, 702
IX. Servia, Leisure Hour, 703
Autumn in the Woods, 642  Two Seasons, 642
A Suicide, 642
Miscellany, 704