Littell's Living Age/Volume 133/Issue 1720/A May-Day Hymn

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May comes again, bright, sunny May!
To light the earth with purer ray,
To chase the mists that linger still
Adown the stream, or on the hill.
The woods with happy voices ring,
The fragrant breath of bursting spring
Pours gladness through the morning air,
And fields are green, and skies are fair.
Away cold winter, and dark night!
The world awakes to life and light.


Dearer to us than sunny skies,
And waving woods to weary eyes,
Or song of birds in leafy dell
To jaded hearts from street and cell;
More fragrant than the breath of spring,
The grace that comes on angel-wing —
A gleam of Heaven, a glance of love
God sends us from his world above,
Down through the parted skies to-day,
To bless the opening month of May.


Full well we know thy watchful care
Is with thy children everywhere,
By day and night that thou art near,
Dear Mother! all the circling year.
Yet nearer now some little space
We see the glories of thy face,
And in the sunshine of thy smile
Forget the cares of earth awhile.
Oh, when the clouds of passion lour,
And spirits of the deep have power,
Thy glance of love, like heaven’s pure ray,
Shall turn November into May.