Littell's Living Age/Volume 133/Issue 1720/Matthias

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"And the lot fell upon Matthias." — Acts i. 26.

Called out to fill the traitor’s place,
To bear the news of saving grace,
Shed forth upon our fallen race

Called forth, the wanderer home to lead,
Called forth, the flock of Christ to feed,
To sow on earth the heavenly seed!

O blessed lot, and yet below,
Scarce aught beside his name we know
On whom God did this grace bestow.

We know not where for God he fought,
What wondrous works by him he wrought,
What nations of Christ's love he taught.

Then never deem it cause of shame,
If none on earth inscribe thy name
Within the book of worldly fame.

If of God's chosen holy saint
We only see the outlines faint,
What right have we to make complaint?

If he who doth in secret see
Approve our work, small need have we
Of earthly fame or eulogy.

Grant only, Lord, that in thy sight
We walk as children of the light,
And ‘neath thy banner bravely fight.

Sunday Magazine.E. D.