Littell's Living Age/Volume 173/Issue 2232/By the River

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We met at morning by the willow'd river,
     Long years ago, when both our hearts were young.
We met to watch the lights and shadows quiver,
     And listen to the song the waters sung.
But deeper than the music of its flowing,
     The tide of love flowed on from mind to mind;
While overhead the elder blooms were blowing,
     And dewy fragrance filled the wooing wind.

We stand beside the waters of the river,
     But now the moaning of the sea is near.
Far off the beacons 'mid the dimness quiver,
     And rolling breakers fill our hearts with fear.
No longer choristers of morning greet us,
     Or blossoms of the May-time droop above;
But shadows of the twilight rise to meet us,
     And cloud the golden harvesting of love.

Ah! listen to the rushing of the river
     Towards its haven in the restless sea,
While like a leaf upon its tide forever
     Our life flows onward to Eternity.
Oh, 'mid its eager tumult and commotion,
     The whirl of waters, and the dash of foam,
May Love, the beacon, shining o'er the ocean.
     Lead us together to our Father's home!