Men of Harlech

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Versions of
March of the Men of Harlech

"Men of Harlech" or "The March of the Men of Harlech" (in Welsh: Rhyfelgyrch Gwŷr Harlech) is a song and military march which is traditionally said to describe events during the seven year long siege of Harlech Castle between 1461 and 1468. The music was first published without words in 1794 as Gorhoffedd Gwŷr Harlech—March of the Men of Harlech in the second edition of The Musical and Poetical Relicks of the Welsh Bards but it is said to be a much earlier folk air. The earliest version of the tune to appear with lyrics, found thus far, comes from a Broadside printed c. 1830. Excerpted from Men of Harlech on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Versions of March of the Men of Harlech include:

Other uses of this tune[edit]