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ALCOTT, Louisa May, daughter of Amos Bronson Alcott, born at Germantown, Pennsylvania, in 1833. She began to write at an early age, and her first book, "Fairy Tales," was published in 1855. During the civil war she was a hospital nurse, and in 1863 published a volume of "Hospital Sketches," made up from letters which she had written to her family. In 1863 she became a contributor to the Atlantic Monthly. She has published several novels, among which are "Moods," 1864, "Morning Glories and other Stories," 1867, "Little Women," 1868, "An Old-Fashioned Girl," 1869, "Little Men," 1871; "Work: a Story of Experience," 1873; "Cupid and Chow-Chow: and other Stories," 1873; "Eight Cousins: or the Aunt Hill," 1875; "Silver Pitchers and other Stories," 1876; "Rose in Bloom," a sequel to "Eight Cousins," 1877; "Under the Lilacs," 1878; "Jack and Jill," 1880; and a series of short stories under the general title of "Aunt Jo's Scrap-Bag."