Mine and Thine (1904)/The Clouds

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For works with similar titles, see The Clouds.
For other versions of this work, see The Clouds (Coates).


The clouds give back to earth again
 The moisture they absorb;
An atom floating in the sun
 Is lasting as an orb.

We fear lest ill should fly itself,
 And wrong at last prevail:
Lest good should lack its just reward
 And light untimely fail:

We falter, and distrust the fate
 We may not understand;
Interrogate the oracle,
 When God is close at hand.

And still the clouds go drifting by,
 Or fall in fruitful rain:
High over us the stars, undimmed,
 Benignant shine again;

And from that temple, viewless, vast,
 Where failure is unknown,
The Father of existences
 Keeps watch above his own.