Misinforming a Nation/Chapter 12

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The following list contains two hundred of the many hundreds of writers, painters, musicians and scientists who are denied biographies in the Britannica. There is not a name here which should not be in an encyclopædia which claims for itself the completeness which the Britannica claims. Many of the names stand in the forefront of modern culture. Their omission is nothing short of preposterous, and can be accounted for only on the grounds of ignorance or prejudice. In either case, they render the encyclopædia inadequate as an up-to-date and comprehensive reference work.

It will be noted that not one of these names is English, and that America has suffered from neglect in a most outrageous fashion. After reading the flamboyant statements made in the Encyclopædia Britannica's advertising, glance down this list. Then decide for yourself whether or not the statements are accurate.

Objection may be raised to some of the following names on the ground that they are not of sufficient importance to be included in an encyclopædia, and that their omission cannot be held to the discredit of the Britannica. In answer let me state that for every name listed here as being denied a biography, there are one or two, and, in the majority of cases, many, Englishmen in the same field who are admittedly inferior and yet who are given detailed and generally laudatory biographies.


“A. E.” (George Eekhoud
   W. Russell) Clyde Fitch
Andreiev Paul Fort
Artzibashef Gustav Frenssen
Hermann Bahr Fröding
Henri Bernstein Fucini (Tanfucio Neri)
Otto Julius Bierbaum Garshin
Ambrose Bierce Stefan George
Helene Böhlau René de Ghil
Henry Bordeaux Giacosa
René Boylesve Ellen Glasgow
Enrico Butti Rémy de Gourmont
Cammaerts Robert Grant
Capuana Lady Gregory
Bliss Carman Grigorovich
Winston Churchill Hartleben
Pierre de Coulevain Heidenstam
Richard Dehmel Hirschfeld
Margaret Deland Hugo von Hofmannsthal
Grazia Deledda Arno Holz
Theodore Dreiser Richard Hovey
Bronson Howard Rovetta
Ricarda Huch Albert Samain
James Huneker George Santayana
Douglas Hyde Johannes Schlaf
Lionel Johnson Schnitzler
Karlfeldt Severin
Charles Klein Signoret
Korolenko Synge
Kuprin John Bannister Tabb
Percy MacKaye Tchekhoff
Emilio de Marchi Gherardi del Testa
Ferdinando Martini Jérôme and Jean Tharaud
Stuart Merrill Ludwig Thoma
William Vaughn Moody Augustus Thomas
Nencioni Tinayre
Standish O'Grady Katherine Tynan
Ompteda Veressayeff
Panzacchi Clara Viebig
Giovanni Pascoli Annie Vivanti
David Graham Phillips Wackenroder
Wilhelm von Polenz Wedekind
Rapisardi Edith Wharton
Edwin Arlington Robinson    Owen Wister
Romain Rolland Ernst von Wolzogen
T. W. Rolleston


George Bellows C. W. Hawthorne
Carrière Robert Henri
Mary Cassatt Hodler
Cézanne Sergeant Kendall
Louis Corinth Ludwig Knaus
Maurice Denis Krüger
Gauguin Jean Paul Laurens
Habermann Leibl
Von Marées Toulouse-Lautrec
René Ménard Trübner
Redon Twachtman
Charles Shuch Van Gogh
Lucien Simon Vallotton
Steinlen Zorn


d'Albert Marschner
Arensky Nevin
Mrs. Beach Nordraak
Busoni John Knowles Paine
Buxtehude Horatio Parker
Charpentier Rachmaninov
Frederick Converse Ravel
Cui Max Reger
Arthur Foote Nikolaus Rubinstein
Grechaninov Scharwenka brothers
Guilmant Georg Alfred Schumann
Henry K. Hadley Scriabine
Josef Hofmann Sibelius
Edgar Stillman Kelly Friedrich Silcher
Kreisler Sinding
Leschetitzky Taneiev
Gustav Mahler Wolf-Ferrari


William Beaumont Simon Flexner
John Shaw Billings W. W. Gerhard
Luther Burbank Samuel David Gross
George W. Crile William S. Halsted
Harvey Cushing Wilhelm His
Rudolph Diesel Abraham Jacobi
Daniel Drake Rudolph Leuckart
Ehrlich Franz Leydig
Jacques Loeb Ramón y Cajal
Percival Lowell Nicholas Senn
Lyonet (Lyonnet) Marion Sims
S. J. Meltzer Theobald Smith
Metchnikoff W. H. Welch
T. H. Morgan Orville Wright
Joseph O'Dwyer Wilbur Wright


Ardigò Jung
Bergson Külpe
Boutroux Lipps
Hermann Cohen Josiah Royce
John Dewey Alois Riehl
Edelmann Sibbern
Freud Soloviov
Guyau Tetans
G. Stanley Hall Windelband