Narrative of the Discoveries on the North Coast of America, effected by the Officers of the Hudson’s Bay Company, during the years 1836—39

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the Discoveries


the North Coast of America;

effected by the

Officers of the Hudson's Bay Company

during the years 1836-39.

by Thomas Simpson, Esq.


Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street.

Publisher in Ordinary to her Majesty.


London :

Printed by S. & J. Bentley, Wilson, and Fley,

Bangor House, Shoe Lane.



Memoir of Thomas Simpson, A. M.

Chapter I.

Introduction.—Instructions.—The Colony of Red River.—Converted Indians.—Reconciliation of Hostile Tribes.

Chapter II.

Description of a Winter Journey from Red River to Athahasca.

Chapter III.

Occtirrences at Fort Chipewyan, spring 1837.—Traits of the Natives.

Chapter IV.

Descent from Athabasca to the Polar Sea.

Chapter V.

Voyage from Mackenzie River to Franklin's Return Reef.—Adventures among Esquimaux and Ice.—Discovery of the Franklin Mountains.

Chapter VI.

Discoveries on the Coast from Return Reef up to Boat Extreme

Chapter VII.

Journey on foot, and in an Esquimaux canoe, to Point Barrow.—Conduct of the Natives.

Chapter VIII.

Return of the Expedition from Boat Extreme to the Mackenzie.—Ascent of that river.—Boisterous passage of Great Bear Lake.—Arrival at Winter-quarters

Chapter IX.

Transactions at Fort Confidence, winter 1837–8.—Death of Peter Taylor.—Winter Discoveries and Surveys.

Chapter X.

Ascent of Dease River.—Passage of the Dismal Lakes on the Ice.—Dangerous Descent of the Coppermine.—Flight of the Esquimaux.

Chapter XI.

Second Sea Voyage.—Difficulties and detentions amongst Ice.—Long circuit in Bathurst's Inlet.—Discovery of Copper on Barry Islands.—Boats finally arrested near Point Turngain.

Chapter XII.

Journey on foot and important discoveries to the Eastward.— Return to the Coppermine and skilful ascent of that river.—Traverse of the Barren Grounds, and arrival at Fort Confidence.

Chapter XIII.

Transactions at Fort Confidence, winter 1838–39.—Murder and Distress among the Indians.—Relief afforded them.

Chapter XIV.

Second Descent of the Coppermine.—Interviews with Esquimaux.—Passage of Coronation Gulph, and arrival on new ground.

Chapter XV.

Stupendous bay, broken into minor bays, and bordered by countless islands.—Discovery of the Strait of Boothia.—Back's Point Ogle doubled in a fog.—Deposit found on Montreal Island.—Cape Britannia, and discoveries to the Eastward.—Progress arrested by gales.—Return.— Nearest approach to Ross's Pillar and the Magnetic Pole.—Southern shores of Boothia and Victoria Land explored.—Passage of a magnificent Strait—Winter sets in.—Re-entry of the Coppermine River.

Chapter XVI.

Wintry return to Fort Confidence.—Passage of Great Bear Lake, and ascent of the Mackenzie.—Arrival at Fort Simpson, and journey on the Snow from thence to Red River.


List of the Plants collected during the Arctic Journey of Messrs. Simpson and Dease. By Sir W. J. Hooker, K. H.

Table of the Magnetic Variation and Dip observed by Mr. Simpson.

Printed by S. & J. Bentley, Wilson, and Fley,
Bangor House, Shoe Lane.