National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010

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An Act
To authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2010 for military activities of the Department of Defense, for military construction, and for defense activities of the Department of Energy, to prescribe military personnel strengths for such fiscal year, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

Section 1. Short Title.[edit]

This Act may be cited as the ``National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010´´.

Sec. 2. Organization of Act into Divisions; Table of Contents.[edit]

(a) Divisions.—
This Act is organized into five divisions as follows:
(1) Division A − Department of Defense Authorizations.
(2) Division B − Military Construction Authorizations.
(3) Division C − Department of Energy National Security Authorizations and Other Authorizations.
(4) Division D − Funding Tables.
(5) Division E − Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.
(b) Table of Contents.—
The table of contents for this Act is as follows:
Sec. 1. Short Title.
Sec. 2. Organization of Act into Divisions; Table of Contents.
Sec. 3. Congressional Defense Committees.
Subtitle A — Authorization of Appropriations
Sec. 101. Army.
Sec. 102. Navy and Marine Corps.
Sec. 103. Air Force.
Sec. 104. Defense-wide activities.
Sec. 105. National Guard and Reserve equipment.
Sec. 106. Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle Fund.
Sec. 107. Relation to funding table.
Subtitle B — Army Programs
Sec. 111. Procurement of Future Combat Systems spin out early-infantry brigade combat team equipment.
Subtitle C — Navy Programs
Sec. 121. Littoral Combat Ship program.
Sec. 122. Treatment of Littoral Combat Ship program as a major defense acquisition program.
Sec. 123. Report on strategic plan for homeporting the Littoral Combat Ship.
Sec. 124. Advance procurement funding.
Sec. 125. Procurement programs for future naval surface combatants.
Sec. 126. Ford-class aircraft carrier report.
Sec. 127. Report on a service life extension program for Oliver Hazard Perry class frigates.
Sec. 128. Conditional multiyear procurement authority for F/A-18E, F/A-18F, or EA-18G aircraft.
Subtitle D — Air Force Programs
Sec. 131. Report on the procurement of 4.5 generation fighter aircraft.
Sec. 132. Revised availability of certain funds available for the F-22A fighter aircraft.
Sec. 133. Preservation and storage of unique tooling for F-22 fighter aircraft.
Sec. 134. AC-130 gunships.
Sec. 135. Report on E-8C Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System re-engining.
Sec. 136. Repeal of requirement to maintain certain retired C-130E aircraft.
Sec. 137. Limitation on retirement of C-5 aircraft.
Sec. 138. Reports on strategic airlift aircraft.
Sec. 139. Strategic airlift force structure.
Subtitle E — Joint and Multiservice Matters
Sec. 141. Body armor procurement.
Sec. 142. Unmanned cargo-carrying-capable aerial vehicles.
Sec. 143. Modification of nature of data link for use by tactical unmanned aerial vehicles.
Subtitle A — Authorization of Appropriations
Sec. 201. Authorization of appropriations.
Sec. 202. Relation to funding table.
Subtitle B — Program Requirements, Restrictions, and Limitations
Sec. 211. Extension and enhancement of Global Research Watch Program.
Sec. 212. Permanent authority for the Joint Defense Manufacturing Technology Panel.
Sec. 213. Elimination of report requirements regarding Defense Science and Technology Program.
Sec. 214. Authorization for the Secretary of the Navy to purchase infrastructure and Government purpose rights license associated with the Navy-Marine Corps intranet.
Sec. 215. Limitation on expenditure of funds for Joint Multi-Mission Submersible program.
Sec. 216. Separate program elements required for research and development of individual body armor and associated components.
Sec. 217. Separate procurement and research, development, test, and evaluation line items and program elements for the F-35B and F-35C joint strike fighter aircraft.
Sec. 218. Restriction on obligation of funds for Army tactical ground network program pending receipt of report.
Sec. 219. Programs for ground combat vehicle and self-propelled howitzer capabilities for the Army.
Sec. 220. Guidance on budget justification materials describing funding requested for operation, sustainment, modernization, and personnel of major ranges and test facilities.
Sec. 221. Assessment of technological maturity and integration risk of Army modernization programs.
Sec. 222. Assessment of activities for technology modernization of the combat vehicle and armored tactical wheeled vehicle fleets.
Subtitle C — Missile Defense Programs
Sec. 231. Sense of Congress on ballistic missile defense.
Sec. 232. Assessment and plan for the Ground-based Midcourse Defense element of the Ballistic Missile Defense System.
Sec. 233. Continued production of Ground-based Interceptor missile and operation of Missile Field 1 at Fort Greely, Alaska.
Sec. 234. Limitation on availability of funds for acquisition or deployment of missile defenses in Europe.
Sec. 235. Authorization of funds for development and deployment of alternative missile defense systems in Europe.
Sec. 236. Comprehensive plan for test and evaluation of the ballistic missile defense system.
Sec. 237. Study on discrimination capabilities of ballistic missile defense system.
Sec. 238. Ascent phase missile defense strategy and plan.
Sec. 239. Extension of deadline for study on boost-phase missile defense.
Subtitle D — Reports
Sec. 241. Repeal of requirement for biennial joint warfighting science and technology plan.
Sec. 242. Modification of reporting requirement for defense nanotechnology research and development program.
Sec. 243. Comptroller General assessment of coordination of energy storage device requirements, purchases, and investments.
Sec. 244. Annual Comptroller General report on the F-35 Lightning II aircraft acquisition program.
Sec. 245. Report on integration of Department of Defense intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities.
Sec. 246. Report on future research and development of man-portable and vehicle-mounted guided missile systems.
Sec. 247. Report on the development of command and control systems.
Sec. 248. Evaluation of Extended Range Modular Sniper Rifle Systems.
Subtitle E — Other Matters
Sec. 251. Enhancement of duties of Director of Department of Defense Test Resource Management Center with respect to the Major Range and Test Facility Base.
Sec. 252. Establishment of program to enhance participation of historically black colleges and universities and minority-serving institutions in defense research programs.
Sec. 253. Extension of authority to award prizes for advanced technology achievements.
Sec. 254. Authority for National Aeronautics and Space Administration federally funded research and development centers to participate in merit-based technology research and development programs.
Sec. 255. Next generation bomber aircraft.
Subtitle A — Authorization of Appropriations
Sec. 301. Operation and maintenance funding.
Sec. 302. Relation to funding table.
Subtitle B — Environmental Provisions
Sec. 311. Clarification of requirement for use of available funds for Department of Defense participation in conservation banking programs.
Sec. 312. Reauthorization of title I of Sikes Act.
Sec. 313. Authority of Secretary of a military department to enter into interagency agreements for land management on Department of Defense installations.
Sec. 314. Reauthorization of pilot program for invasive species management for military installations in Guam.
Sec. 315. Reimbursement of Environmental Protection Agency for certain costs in connection with the Former Nansemond Ordnance Depot Site, Suffolk, Virginia.
Sec. 316. Procurement and use of munitions.
Sec. 317. Prohibition on disposing of waste in open-air burn pits.
Sec. 318. Military munitions response sites.
Subtitle C — Workplace and Depot Issues
Sec. 321. Public-private competition required before conversion of any Department of Defense function performed by civilian employees to contractor performance.
Sec. 322. Time limitation on duration of public-private competitions.
Sec. 323. Policy regarding installation of major modifications and upgrades.
Sec. 324. Modification of authority for Army industrial facilities to engage in cooperative activities with non-Army entities.
Sec. 325. Temporary suspension of public-private competitions for conversion of Department of Defense functions to performance by a contractor.
Sec. 326. Requirement for debriefings related to conversion of functions from performance by Federal employees to performance by a contractor.
Sec. 327. Amendments to bid protest procedures by Federal employees and agency officials in conversions of functions from performance by Federal employees to performance by a contractor.
Sec. 328. Improvement of inventory management practices.
Sec. 329. Modification of date for submittal to Congress of annual report on funding for public and private performance of depot-level maintenance and repair workloads.
Subtitle D — Energy Security
Sec. 331. Authorization of appropriations for Director of Operational Energy.
Sec. 332. Extension and expansion of reporting requirements regarding Department of Defense energy efficiency programs.
Sec. 333. Report on implementation of Comptroller General recommendations on fuel demand management at forward-deployed locations.
Sec. 334. Report on use of renewable fuels to meet energy requirements of Department of Defense.
Sec. 335. Energy security on Department of Defense installations.
Subtitle E — Reports
Sec. 341. Annual report on procurement of military working dogs.
Sec. 342. Plan for managing vegetative encroachment at training ranges.
Sec. 343. Comptroller General report on the sustainment strategy for the AV-8B Harrier aircraft.
Sec. 344. Study on Army modularity.
Subtitle F — Other Matters
Sec. 351. Authority for airlift transportation at Department of Defense rates for non-Department of Defense Federal cargoes.
Sec. 352. Policy on ground combat and camouflage utility uniforms.
Sec. 353. Condition-based maintenance demonstration programs.
Sec. 354. Extension of arsenal support program initiative.
Subtitle A — Active Forces
Sec. 401. End strengths for active forces.
Sec. 402. Revision in permanent active duty end strength minimum levels.
Sec. 403. Additional authority for increases of Army active-duty end strengths for fiscal years 2011 and 2012.
Subtitle B — Reserve Forces
Sec. 411. End strengths for Selected Reserve.
Sec. 412. End strengths for Reserves on active duty in support of the Reserves.
Sec. 413. End strengths for military technicians (dual status).
Sec. 414. Fiscal year 2010 limitation on number of non-dual status technicians.
Sec. 415. Maximum number of reserve personnel authorized to be on active duty for operational support.
Sec. 416. Submittal of options for creation of Trainees, Transients, Holdees, and Students account for the Army National Guard.
Sec. 417. Report on requirements of the National Guard for non-dual status technicians.
Sec. 418. Expansion of authority of Secretaries of the military departments to increase certain end strengths to include Selected Reserve end strengths.
Subtitle C — Authorization of Appropriations
Sec. 421. Military personnel.
Sec. 422. Repeal of delayed one-time shift of military retirement payments.
Subtitle A — Officer Personnel Policy
Sec. 501. Grade of Legal Counsel to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Sec. 502. Modification of limitations on general and flag officers on active duty.
Sec. 503. Revisions to annual reporting requirement on joint officer management.
Sec. 504. Extension of temporary increase in maximum number of days leave members may accumulate and carryover.
Sec. 505. Computation of retirement eligibility for enlisted members of the Navy who complete the Seaman to Admiral (STA-21) officer candidate program.
Sec. 506. Independent review of judge advocate requirements of the Department of the Navy.
Subtitle B — General Service Authorities
Sec. 511. Continuation on active duty of reserve component members during physical disability evaluation following mobilization and deployment.
Sec. 512. Medical examination required before administrative separation of members diagnosed with or reasonably asserting post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury.
Sec. 513. Legal assistance for additional reserve component members.
Sec. 514. Limitation on scheduling of mobilization or pre-mobilization training for Reserve units when certain suspension of training is likely.
Sec. 515. Evaluation of test of utility of test preparation guides and education programs in improving qualifications of recruits for the Armed Forces.
Sec. 516. Report on presence in the Armed Forces of members associated or affiliated with groups engaged in prohibited activities.
Subtitle C — Education and Training
Sec. 521. Detail of commissioned officers as students at schools of psychology.
Sec. 522. Appointment of persons enrolled in Advanced Course of the Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps at military junior colleges as cadets in Army Reserve or Army National Guard of the United States.
Sec. 523. Expansion of criteria for appointment as member of the Board of Regents of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.
Sec. 524. Use of Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship and Financial Assistance program to increase number of health professionals with skills to assist in providing mental health care.
Sec. 525. Department of Defense undergraduate nurse training program.
Sec. 526. Increase in number of private sector civilians authorized for admission to National Defense University.
Sec. 527. Appointments to military service academies from nominations made by Delegate from the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.
Sec. 528. Athletic association for the Air Force Academy.
Sec. 529. Language training centers for members of the Armed Forces and civilian employees of the Department of Defense.
Subtitle D — Defense Dependents' Education
Sec. 531. Continuation of authority to assist local educational agencies that benefit dependents of members of the Armed Forces and Department of Defense civilian employees.
Sec. 532. Impact aid for children with severe disabilities.
Sec. 533. Two-year extension of authority for assistance to local educational agencies with enrollment changes due to base closures, force structure changes, or force relocations.
Sec. 534. Authority to extend eligibility for enrollment in Department of Defense elementary and secondary schools to certain additional categories of dependents.
Sec. 535. Permanent authority for enrollment in defense dependents' education system of dependents of foreign military members assigned to Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe.
Sec. 536. Determination of number of weighted student units for local educational agencies for receipt of basic support payments under impact aid.
Sec. 537. Study on options for educational opportunities for dependent children of members of the Armed Forces when public schools attended by such children are determined to need improvement.
Sec. 538. Comptroller General audit of assistance to local educational agencies for dependent children of members of the Armed Forces.
Sec. 539. Sense of Congress on the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children.
Subtitle E — Missing or Deceased Persons
Sec. 541. Additional requirements for accounting for members of the Armed Forces and Department of Defense civilian employees listed as missing in conflicts occurring before enactment of new system for accounting for missing persons.
Sec. 542. Policy and procedures on media access and attendance by family members at ceremonies for the dignified transfer of remains of members of the Armed Forces who die overseas.
Sec. 543. Report on expansion of authority of a member to designate persons to direct disposition of the remains of a deceased member.
Sec. 544. Sense of Congress on the recovery of the remains of members of the Armed Forces who were killed during World War II in the battle of Tarawa Atoll.
Subtitle F — Decorations and Awards
Sec. 551. Authorization and request for award of Medal of Honor to Anthony T. Kaho'ohanohano for acts of valor during the Korean War.
Sec. 552. Authorization and request for award of Distinguished-Service Cross to Jack T. Stewart for acts of valor during the Vietnam War.
Sec. 553. Authorization and request for award of Distinguished-Service Cross to William T. Miles, Jr., for acts of valor during the Korean War.
Subtitle G — Military Family Readiness Matters
Sec. 561. Establishment of online resources to provide information about benefits and services available to members of the Armed Forces and their families.
Sec. 562. Additional members on Department of Defense Military Family Readiness Council.
Sec. 563. Support for military families with special needs.
Sec. 564. Pilot program to secure internships for military spouses with Federal agencies.
Sec. 565. Family and medical leave for family of servicemembers.
Sec. 566. Deadline for report on sexual assault in the Armed Forces by Defense Task Force on Sexual Assault in the Military Services.
Sec. 567. Improved prevention and response to allegations of sexual assault involving members of the Armed Forces.
Sec. 568. Comptroller General report on progress made in implementing recommendations to reduce domestic violence in military families.
Sec. 569. Report on impact of domestic violence on military families.
Sec. 570. Report on international intrafamilial abduction of children of members of the Armed Forces.
Sec. 571. Assessment of impact of deployment of members of the Armed Forces on their dependent children.
Sec. 572. Report on child custody litigation involving service of members of the Armed Forces.
Sec. 573. Comptroller General report on child care assistance for members of the Armed Forces.
Subtitle H — Military Voting
Sec. 575. Short title.
Sec. 576. Clarification regarding delegation of State responsibilities to local jurisdictions.
Sec. 577. Establishment of procedures for absent uniformed services voters and overseas voters to request and for States to send voter registration applications and absentee ballot applications by mail and electronically.
Sec. 578. Establishment of procedures for States to transmit blank absentee ballots by mail and electronically to absent uniformed services voters and overseas voters.
Sec. 579. Ensuring absent uniformed services voters and overseas voters have time to vote.
Sec. 580. Procedures for collection and delivery of marked absentee ballots of absent overseas uniformed services voters.
Sec. 581. Federal write-in absentee ballot.
Sec. 582. Prohibiting refusal to accept voter registration and absentee ballot applications, marked absentee ballots, and Federal write-in absentee ballots for failure to meet certain requirements.
Sec. 583. Federal Voting Assistance Program Improvements.
Sec. 584. Development of standards for reporting and storing certain data.
Sec. 585. Repeal of provisions relating to use of single application for all subsequent elections.
Sec. 586. Reporting requirements.
Sec. 587. Annual report on enforcement.
Sec. 588. Requirements payments.
Sec. 589. Technology pilot program.
Subtitle I — Other Matters
Sec. 591. Clarification of performance policies for military musical units and musicians.
Sec. 592. Navy grants for purposes of Naval Sea Cadet Corps.
Sec. 593. Modification of matching fund requirements under National Guard Youth Challenge Program.
Sec. 594. Expansion of Military Leadership Diversity Commission to include reserve component representatives.
Sec. 595. Expansion of suicide prevention and community healing and response training under the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program.
Sec. 596. Comprehensive plan on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of substance use disorders and disposition of substance abuse offenders in the Armed Forces.
Sec. 597. Reports on Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program and other reintegration programs.
Sec. 598. Reports on progress in completion of certain incident information management tools.
Subtitle A — Pay and Allowances
Sec. 601. Fiscal year 2010 increase in military basic pay.
Sec. 602. Increase in maximum monthly amount of supplemental subsistence allowance for low-income members with dependents.
Sec. 603. Special compensation for members of the uniformed services with catastrophic injuries or illnesses requiring assistance in everyday living.
Sec. 604. Benefits under Post-Deployment/Mobilization Respite Absence program for certain periods before implementation of program.
Sec. 605. Report on housing standards and housing surveys used to determine basic allowance for housing.
Sec. 606. Comptroller General comparative assessment of military and private-sector pay and benefits.
Subtitle B — Bonuses and Special and Incentive Pays
Sec. 611. One-year extension of certain bonus and special pay authorities for reserve forces.
Sec. 612. One-year extension of certain bonus and special pay authorities for health care professionals.
Sec. 613. One-year extension of special pay and bonus authorities for nuclear officers.
Sec. 614. One-year extension of authorities relating to title 37 consolidated special pay, incentive pay, and bonus authorities.
Sec. 615. One-year extension of authorities relating to payment of other title 37 bonuses and special pays.
Sec. 616. One-year extension of authorities relating to payment of referral bonuses.
Sec. 617. Technical corrections and conforming amendments to reconcile conflicting amendments regarding continued payment of bonuses and similar benefits for certain members.
Sec. 618. Proration of certain special and incentive pays to reflect time during which a member satisfies eligibility requirements for the special or incentive pay.
Sec. 619. Additional assignment pay or special duty pay authorized for members agreeing to serve in Afghanistan for extended periods.
Sec. 620. Temporary authority for monthly special pay for members of the Armed Forces subject to continuing active duty or service under stop-loss authorities.
Sec. 621. Army authority to provide additional recruitment incentives.
Sec. 622. Report on recruitment and retention of members of the Air Force in nuclear career fields.
Subtitle C — Travel and Transportation Allowances
Sec. 631. Travel and transportation for survivors of deceased members of the uniformed services to attend memorial ceremonies.
Sec. 632. Travel and transportation allowances for designated individuals of wounded, ill, or injured members of the uniformed services for duration of inpatient treatment.
Sec. 633. Authorized travel and transportation allowances for non-medical attendants for very seriously and seriously wounded, ill, or injured members.
Sec. 634. Reimbursement of travel expenses of members of the Armed Forces on active duty and their dependents for travel for specialty care under exceptional circumstances.
Sec. 635. Report on adequacy of weight allowances for transportation of baggage and household effects for members of the uniformed services.
Subtitle D — Disability, Retired Pay, and Survivor Benefits
Sec. 641. Transition assistance for reserve component members injured while on active duty.
Sec. 642. Recomputation of retired pay and adjustment of retired grade of Reserve retirees to reflect service after retirement.
Sec. 643. Election to receive retired pay for non-regular service upon retirement for service in an active reserve status performed after attaining eligibility for regular retirement.
Sec. 644. Report on re-determination process for permanently incapacitated dependents of retired and deceased members of the Armed Forces.
Sec. 645. Treatment as active service for retired pay purposes of service as member of Alaska Territorial Guard during World War II.
Subtitle E — Commissary and Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentality Benefits and Operations
Sec. 651. Limitation on Department of Defense entities offering personal information services to members and their dependents.
Sec. 652. Report on impact of purchasing from local distributors all alcoholic beverages for resale on military installations on Guam.
Subtitle F — Other Matters
Sec. 661. Limitations on collection of overpayments of pay and allowances erroneously paid to members.
Sec. 662. Sense of Congress on airfares for members of the Armed Forces.
Sec. 663. Sense of Congress on establishment of flexible spending arrangements for the uniformed services.
Sec. 664. Sense of Congress regarding support for compensation, retirement, and other military personnel programs.
Subtitle A — Improvements to Health Benefits
Sec. 701. Prohibition on conversion of military medical and dental positions to civilian medical and dental positions.
Sec. 702. Health care for members of the reserve components.
Sec. 703. Enhancement of transitional dental care for members of the reserve components on active duty for more than 30 days in support of a contingency operation.
Sec. 704. Expansion of survivor eligibility under TRICARE dental program.
Sec. 705. TRICARE Standard coverage for certain members of the Retired Reserve who are qualified for a non-regular retirement but are not yet age 60.
Sec. 706. Constructive eligibility for TRICARE benefits of certain persons otherwise ineligible under retroactive determination of entitlement to Medicare part A hospital insurance benefits.
Sec. 707. Notification of certain individuals regarding options for enrollment under Medicare Part B.
Sec. 708. Mental health assessments for members of the Armed Forces deployed in connection with a contingency operation.
Sec. 709. Temporary TRICARE inpatient fee modification.
Subtitle B — Health Care Administration
Sec. 711. Comprehensive policy on pain management by the military health care system.
Sec. 712. Administration and prescription of psychotropic medications for members of the Armed Forces before and during deployment.
Sec. 713. Cooperative health care agreements between military installations and non-military health care systems.
Sec. 714. Plan to increase the mental health capabilities of the Department of Defense.
Sec. 715. Department of Defense study on management of medications for physically and psychologically wounded members of the Armed Forces.
Sec. 716. Limitation on obligation of funds under defense health program information technology programs.
Subtitle C — Other Matters
Sec. 721. Study and plan to improve military health care.
Sec. 722. Study, plan, and pilot for the mental health care needs of dependent children of members of the Armed Forces.
Sec. 723. Clinical trial on cognitive rehabilitative therapy for members and former members of the Armed Forces.
Sec. 724. Department of Defense Task Force on the Care, Management, and Transition of Recovering Wounded, Ill, and Injured Members of the Armed Forces.
Sec. 725. Chiropractic clinical trials.
Sec. 726. Independent study on post-traumatic stress disorder efforts.
Sec. 727. Report on implementation of requirements on the relationship between the TRICARE program and employer-sponsored group health plans.
Sec. 728. Report on stipends for members of reserve components for health care for certain dependents.
Subtitle A — Acquisition Policy and Management
Sec. 801. Temporary authority to acquire products and services produced in countries along a major route of supply to Afghanistan; report.
Sec. 802. Assessment of improvements in service contracting.
Sec. 803. Display of annual budget requirements for procurement of contract services and related clarifying technical amendments.
Sec. 804. Implementation of new acquisition process for information technology systems.
Sec. 805. Life-cycle management and product support.
Sec. 806. Treatment of non-defense agency procurements under joint programs with intelligence community.
Sec. 807. Policy and requirements to ensure the safety of facilities, infrastructure, and equipment for military operations.
Subtitle B — Amendments to General Contracting Authorities, Procedures, and Limitation
Sec. 811. Justification and approval of sole-source contracts.
Sec. 812. Revision of Defense Supplement relating to payment of costs prior to definitization.
Sec. 813. Revisions to definitions relating to contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Sec. 814. Amendment to notification requirements for awards of single source task or delivery orders.
Sec. 815. Clarification of uniform suspension and debarment requirement.
Sec. 816. Extension of authority for use of simplified acquisition procedures for certain commercial items.
Sec. 817. Reporting requirements for programs that qualify as both major automated information system programs and major defense acquisition programs.
Sec. 818. Small arms production industrial base matters.
Sec. 819. Contract authority for advanced component development or prototype units.
Sec. 820. Publication of notification of bundling of contracts of the Department of Defense.
Subtitle C — Contractor Matters
Sec. 821. Authority for Government support contractors to have access to technical data belonging to prime contractors.
Sec. 822. Extension and enhancement of authorities on the Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Sec. 823. Authority for Secretary of Defense to reduce or deny award fees to companies found to jeopardize health or safety of Government personnel.
Subtitle D — Acquisition Workforce Matters
Sec. 831. Enhancement of expedited hiring authority for defense acquisition workforce positions.
Sec. 832. Funding of Department of Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Fund.
Sec. 833. Review of post-employment restrictions applicable to the Department of Defense.
Sec. 834. Review of Federal acquisition workforce training and hiring.
Subtitle E — Other Matters
Sec. 841. Reports to Congress on full deployment decisions for major automated information system programs.
Sec. 842. Authorization to take actions to correct the industrial resource shortfall for high-purity beryllium metal.
Sec. 843. Report on rare earth materials in the defense supply chain.
Sec. 844. Comptroller General report on structure and management of subcontractors under contracts for major weapon systems.
Sec. 845. Study of the use of factors other than cost or price as the predominate factors in evaluating competitive proposals for defense procurement contracts.
Sec. 846. Repeal of requirements relating to the military system essential item breakout list.
Sec. 847. Extension of SBIR and STTR programs of the Department of Defense.
Sec. 848. Extension of authority for small business innovation research Commercialization Pilot Program.
Subtitle A — Department of Defense Management
Sec. 901. Authority to allow private sector civilians to receive instruction at Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy of the Defense Cyber Crime Center.
Sec. 902. Organizational structure of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs and the TRICARE Management Activity.
Sec. 903. Sense of Congress regarding the Director of Operational Energy Plans and Programs.
Sec. 904. Increased flexibility for combatant commander initiative fund.
Sec. 905. Repeal of requirement for a Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Technology Security Policy within the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy.
Sec. 906. Deputy Under Secretaries of Defense and Assistant Secretaries of Defense.
Subtitle B — Space Activities
Sec. 911. Submission and review of space science and technology strategy.
Sec. 912. Provision of space situational awareness services and information to non-United States Government entities.
Sec. 913. Management and funding strategy and implementation plan for the National Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System Program.
Subtitle C — Intelligence-Related Matters
Sec. 921. Inclusion of Defense Intelligence Agency in authority to use proceeds from counterintelligence operations.
Sec. 922. Plan to address foreign ballistic missile intelligence analysis.
Subtitle D — Other Matters
Sec. 931. Implementation strategy for developing leap-ahead cyber operations capabilities.
Sec. 932. Defense integrated military human resources system development and transition.
Sec. 933. Report on special operations command organization, manning, and management.
Sec. 934. Study on the recruitment, retention, and career progression of uniformed and civilian military cyber operations personnel.
Sec. 935. Plan on access to national airspace for unmanned aircraft systems.
Subtitle A — Financial Matters
Sec. 1001. General transfer authority.
Sec. 1002. Relationship of the quadrennial defense review and the annual budget request.
Sec. 1003. Audit readiness of financial statements of the Department of Defense.
Subtitle B — Counter-Drug Activities
Sec. 1011. Unified counter-drug and counterterrorism campaign in Colombia.
Sec. 1012. Joint task forces support to law enforcement agencies conducting counter-terrorism activities.
Sec. 1013. Reporting requirement on expenditures to support foreign counter-drug activities.
Sec. 1014. Support for counter-drug activities of certain foreign governments.
Sec. 1015. Border coordination centers in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Sec. 1016. Comptroller General report on effectiveness of accountability measures for assistance from counter-narcotics central transfer account.
Subtitle C — Naval Vessels and Shipyards
Sec. 1021. Sense of Congress on the maintenance of a 313-ship Navy.
Sec. 1022. Designation of U.S.S. Constitution as America's Ship of State.
Sec. 1023. Temporary reduction in minimum number of operational aircraft carriers.
Sec. 1024. Sense of Congress concerning the disposition of Submarine NR-1.
Subtitle D — Miscellaneous Requirements, Authorities, and Limitations
Sec. 1031. Prohibition relating to propaganda.
Sec. 1032. Responsibility for preparation of biennial global positioning system report.
Sec. 1033. Reports on bandwidth requirements for major defense acquisition programs and major system acquisition programs.
Sec. 1034. Additional duties for advisory panel on Department of Defense capabilities for support of civil authorities after certain incidents.
Sec. 1035. Charter for the National Reconnaissance Office.
Sec. 1036. National strategic five-year plan for improving the nuclear forensic and attribution capabilities of the United States.
Sec. 1037. Authorization of appropriations for payments to Portuguese nationals employed by the Department of Defense.
Sec. 1038. Prohibition on interrogation of detainees by contractor personnel.
Sec. 1039. Notification and access of International Committee of the Red Cross with respect to detainees at Theater Internment Facility at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan.
Sec. 1040. No Miranda Warnings for Al Qaeda Terrorists.
Sec. 1041. Limitation on use of funds for the transfer or release of individuals detained at United States Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Sec. 1042. Additional subpoena authority for the Inspector General of the Department of Defense.
Sec. 1043. Limitations on modifications of certain Government furnished equipment; one-time authority to transfer certain military prototype.
Subtitle E — Studies and Reports
Sec. 1051. Report on statutory compliance of the report on the 2009 quadrennial defense review.
Sec. 1052. Report on the force structure findings of the 2009 quadrennial defense review.
Sec. 1053. Annual report on the electronic warfare strategy of the Department of Defense.
Sec. 1054. Study on a system for career development and management of interagency national security professionals.
Sec. 1055. Report on nuclear aspirations of non-state entities, nuclear weapons and related programs in non-nuclear-weapons states and countries not parties to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and certain foreign persons.
Sec. 1056. Comptroller General review of Department of Defense spending in final fiscal quarters.
Sec. 1057. Report on Air America.
Sec. 1058. Report on defense travel simplification.
Sec. 1059. Report on modeling and simulation technological and industrial base.
Sec. 1060. Report on enabling capabilities for special operations forces.
Sec. 1061. Additional members and duties for the independent panel to assess the quadrennial defense review.
Sec. 1062. Congressional earmarks relating to the Department of Defense.
Sec. 1063. Report on basing plans for certain United States geographic combatant commands.
Subtitle F — Other Matters
Sec. 1071. Extension of certain authority for making rewards for combating terrorism.
Sec. 1072. Business process reengineering.
Sec. 1073. Technical and clerical amendments.
Sec. 1074. Extension of sunset for congressional commission on the strategic posture of the United States.
Sec. 1075. Combat air forces restructuring.
Sec. 1076. Sense of Congress regarding carrier air wing force structure.
Sec. 1077. Department of Veterans Affairs use of service dogs for the treatment or rehabilitation of veterans with physical or mental injuries or disabilities.
Sec. 1078. Plan for sustainment of land-based solid rocket motor industrial base.
Sec. 1079. Justice for victims of torture and terrorism.
Sec. 1080. Requirement for videotaping or otherwise electronically recording strategic intelligence interrogations of persons in the custody of or under the effective control of the Department of Defense.
Sec. 1081. Modification of pilot program on commercial fee-for-service air refueling support for the air force.
Sec. 1082. Multiyear contracts under pilot program on commercial fee-for-service air refueling support for the Air Force.
Sec. 1083. Disclosure of names of students and instructors at Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation.
Sec. 1084. Sense of Congress regarding the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation.
Subtitle A — Personnel
Sec. 1101. Authority to employ individuals completing the National Security Education Program.
Sec. 1102. Authority for employment by Department of Defense of individuals who have successfully completed the requirements of the science, mathematics, and research for transformation (SMART) defense scholarship program.
Sec. 1103. Authority for the employment of individuals who have successfully completed the Department of Defense information assurance scholarship program.
Sec. 1104. Extension and modification of experimental personnel management program for scientific and technical personnel.
Sec. 1105. Modification to Department of Defense laboratory personnel authority.
Sec. 1106. One-year extension of authority to waive annual limitation on premium pay and aggregate limitation on pay for Federal civilian employees working overseas.
Sec. 1107. Extension of certain benefits to Federal civilian employees on official duty in Pakistan.
Sec. 1108. Requirement for Department of Defense strategic workforce plans.
Sec. 1109. Adjustments to limitations on personnel and requirement for annual manpower reporting.
Sec. 1110. Pilot program for the temporary exchange of information technology personnel.
Sec. 1111. Availability of funds for compensation of certain civilian employees of the Department of Defense.
Sec. 1112. Department of defense civilian leadership program.
Sec. 1113. Provisions relating to the National Security Personnel System.
Sec. 1114. Provisions relating to the Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System.
Subtitle B — Provisions Relating to Reemployment of Annuitants
Sec. 1121. Authority to expand scope of provisions relating to unreduced compensation for certain reemployed annuitants.
Sec. 1122. Part-time reemployment.
Sec. 1123. Government Accountability Office report.
Subtitle A — Assistance and Training
Sec. 1201. One-year extension of authority for security and stabilization assistance.
Sec. 1202. Expansion of authority and modification of notification and reporting requirements for use of authority for support of special operations to combat terrorism.
Sec. 1203. Modification of report on foreign-assistance related programs carried out by the Department of Defense.
Sec. 1204. Report on authorities to build the capacity of foreign military forces and related matters.
Sec. 1205. Authority to provide administrative services and support to coalition liaison officers of certain foreign nations assigned to United States Joint Forces Command.
Sec. 1206. Modification of authorities relating to program to build the capacity of foreign military forces.
Sec. 1207. Authority for non-reciprocal exchanges of defense personnel between the United States and foreign countries.
Sec. 1208. Report on alternatives to use of acquisition and cross-servicing agreements to lend military equipment for personnel protection and survivability.
Sec. 1209. Enhancing Iraqi security through defense cooperation between the United States and Iraq.
Sec. 1210. Availability of appropriated funds for the State Partnership Program.
Subtitle B — Matters Relating to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan
Sec. 1221. Limitation on availability of funds for certain purposes relating to Iraq.
Sec. 1222. One-year extension and expansion of Commanders' Emergency Response Program.
Sec. 1223. Modification of authority for reimbursement of certain coalition nations for support provided to United States military operations.
Sec. 1224. Pakistan Counterinsurgency Fund.
Sec. 1225. Program to provide for the registration and end-use monitoring of defense articles and defense services transferred to Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Sec. 1226. Reports on campaign plans for Iraq and Afghanistan.
Sec. 1227. Report on responsible redeployment of United States Armed Forces from Iraq.
Sec. 1228. Report on community-based security programs in Afghanistan.
Sec. 1229. Updates of report on command and control structure for military forces operating in Afghanistan.
Sec. 1230. Report on feasibility and desirability of establishing general uniform procedures and guidelines for the provision of monetary assistance by the United States to civilian foreign nationals for losses incident to combat activities of the armed forces.
Sec. 1231. Assessment and report on United States-Pakistan military relations and cooperation.
Sec. 1232. Report on progress toward security and stability in Pakistan.
Sec. 1233. Repeal of GAO war-related reporting requirement.
Sec. 1234. Authority to transfer defense articles and provide defense services to the military and security forces of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Sec. 1235. Analysis of required force levels and types of forces needed to secure southern and eastern regions of Afghanistan.
Sec. 1236. Modification of report on progress toward security and stability in Afghanistan.
Sec. 1237. No permanent military bases in Afghanistan.
Subtitle C — Other Matters
Sec. 1241. Report on United States engagement with Iran.
Sec. 1242. Annual counterterrorism status reports.
Sec. 1243. Report on United States contributions to the United Nations.
Sec. 1244. NATO Special Operations Coordination Center.
Sec. 1245. Annual report on military power of Iran.
Sec. 1246. Annual report on military and security developments involving the People's Republic of China.
Sec. 1247. Report on impacts of drawdown authorities on the Department of Defense.
Sec. 1248. Risk assessment of United States space export control policy.
Sec. 1249. Patriot air and missile defense battery in Poland.
Sec. 1250. Report on potential foreign military sales of the F-22A fighter aircraft.
Sec. 1251. Report on the plan for the nuclear weapons stockpile, nuclear weapons complex, and delivery platforms and sense of Congress on follow-on negotiations to START Treaty.
Sec. 1252. Map of mineral-rich zones and areas under the control of armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Sec. 1253. Sense of Congress relating to Israel.
Sec. 1254. Sense of Congress on imposing sanctions with respect to Iran.
Sec. 1255. Report and sense of Congress on North Korea.
Sec. 1256. Report on potential missile defense cooperation with Russia.
Subtitle D — VOICE Act
Sec. 1261. Short title.
Sec. 1262. Authorization of appropriations.
Sec. 1263. Iranian Electronic Education, Exchange, and Media Fund.
Sec. 1264. Annual report.
Sec. 1265. Report on actions by non-Iranian companies.
Sec. 1266. Human rights documentation.
Sec. 1301. Specification of Cooperative Threat Reduction programs and funds.
Sec. 1302. Funding allocations.
Sec. 1303. Utilization of contributions to the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program.
Sec. 1304. Metrics for the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program.
Sec. 1305. Cooperative Threat Reduction Program authority for urgent threat reduction activities.
Sec. 1306. Cooperative Threat Reduction Defense and Military Contacts Program.
Subtitle A — Military Programs
Sec. 1401. Working capital funds.
Sec. 1402. National Defense Sealift Fund.
Sec. 1403. Chemical agents and munitions destruction, defense.
Sec. 1404. Drug Interdiction and Counter-Drug Activities, Defense-wide.
Sec. 1405. Defense Inspector General.
Sec. 1406. Defense Health Program.
Sec. 1407. Relation to funding table.
Subtitle B — National Defense Stockpile
Sec. 1411. Authorized uses of National Defense Stockpile funds.
Sec. 1412. Extension of previously authorized disposal of cobalt from National Defense Stockpile.
Sec. 1413. Report on implementation of reconfiguration of the National Defense Stockpile.
Subtitle C — Armed Forces Retirement Home
Sec. 1421. Authorization of appropriations for Armed Forces Retirement Home.
Sec. 1501. Purpose.
Sec. 1502. Army procurement.
Sec. 1503. Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Fund.
Sec. 1504. Navy and Marine Corps procurement.
Sec. 1505. Air Force procurement.
Sec. 1506. Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle Fund.
Sec. 1507. Defense-wide activities procurement.
Sec. 1508. Research, development, test, and evaluation.
Sec. 1509. Operation and maintenance.
Sec. 1510. Limitations on availability of funds in Afghanistan Security Forces Fund.
Sec. 1511. Limitations on Iraq Security Forces Fund.
Sec. 1512. Military personnel.
Sec. 1513. Working capital funds.
Sec. 1514. Defense Health Program.
Sec. 1515. Drug Interdiction and Counter-Drug Activities, Defense-wide.
Sec. 1516. Defense Inspector General.
Sec. 1517. Relation to funding tables.
Sec. 1518. Continuation of prohibition on use of United States funds for certain facilities projects in Iraq.
Sec. 1519. Treatment as additional authorizations.
Sec. 1520. Special transfer authority.
Sec. 1701. Demonstration project authority.
Sec. 1702. Transfer of property.
Sec. 1703. Transfer of civilian personnel of the Department of Defense.
Sec. 1704. Joint funding authority.
Sec. 1705. Eligibility of members of the uniformed services for care and services.
Sec. 1706. Extension of DOD-VA Health Care Sharing Incentive Fund.
Sec. 1801. Short title.
Sec. 1802. Military commissions.
Sec. 1803. Conforming amendments.
Sec. 1804. Proceedings under prior statute.
Sec. 1805. Submittal to Congress of revised rules for military commissions.
Sec. 1806. Annual reports to Congress on trials by military commission.
Sec. 1807. Sense of Congress on military commission system.
Subtitle A — General Provisions
Sec. 1901. Credit for unused sick leave.
Sec. 1902. Limited expansion of the class of individuals eligible to receive an actuarially reduced annuity under the Civil Service Retirement System.
Sec. 1903. Computation of certain annuities based on part-time service.
Sec. 1904. Authority to deposit refunds under FERS.
Sec. 1905. Retirement credit for service of certain employees transferred from District of Columbia service to Federal service.
Subtitle B — Non-Foreign Area Retirement Equity Assurance
Sec. 1911. Short title.
Sec. 1912. Extension of locality pay.
Sec. 1913. Adjustment of special rates.
Sec. 1914. Transition schedule for locality-based comparability payments.
Sec. 1915. Savings provision.
Sec. 1916. Application to other eligible employees.
Sec. 1917. Election of additional basic pay for annuity computation by employees.
Sec. 1918. Regulations.
Sec. 1919. Effective dates.
Sec. 2001. Short title.
Sec. 2002. Expiration of authorizations and amounts required to be specified by law.
Sec. 2003. Relation to funding tables.
Sec. 2004. General reduction across division.
Sec. 2101. Authorized Army construction and land acquisition projects.
Sec. 2102. Family housing.
Sec. 2103. Improvements to military family housing units.
Sec. 2104. Authorization of appropriations, Army.
Sec. 2105. Modification of authority to carry out certain fiscal year 2009 project.
Sec. 2106. Extension of authorizations of certain fiscal year 2006 projects.
Sec. 2201. Authorized Navy construction and land acquisition projects.
Sec. 2202. Family housing.
Sec. 2203. Improvements to military family housing units.
Sec. 2204. Authorization of appropriations, Navy.
Sec. 2205. Modification and extension of authority to carry out certain fiscal year 2006 project.
Sec. 2301. Authorized Air Force construction and land acquisition projects.
Sec. 2302. Family housing.
Sec. 2303. Improvements to military family housing units.
Sec. 2304. Authorization of appropriations, Air Force.
Sec. 2305. Termination of authority to carry out certain fiscal year 2009 Air Force project.
Sec. 2306. Extension of authorizations of certain fiscal year 2007 projects.
Sec. 2307. Extension of authorizations of certain fiscal year 2006 projects.
Sec. 2308. Conveyance to Indian tribes of certain housing units.
Subtitle A — Defense Agency Authorizations
Sec. 2401. Authorized Defense Agencies construction and land acquisition projects.
Sec. 2402. Family Housing.
Sec. 2403. Energy conservation projects.
Sec. 2404. Authorization of appropriations, Defense Agencies.
Sec. 2405. Termination or modification of authority to carry out certain fiscal year 2009 projects.
Sec. 2406. Modification of authority to carry out certain fiscal year 2008 project.
Sec. 2407. Extension of authorizations of certain fiscal year 2007 project.
Subtitle B — Chemical Demilitarization Authorizations
Sec. 2411. Authorization of appropriations, chemical demilitarization construction, defense-wide.
Sec. 2501. Authorized NATO construction and land acquisition projects.
Sec. 2502. Authorization of appropriations, NATO.
Sec. 2601. Authorized Army National Guard construction and land acquisition projects.
Sec. 2602. Authorized Army Reserve construction and land acquisition projects.
Sec. 2603. Authorized Navy Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve construction and land acquisition projects.
Sec. 2604. Authorized Air National Guard construction and land acquisition projects.
Sec. 2605. Authorized Air Force Reserve construction and land acquisition projects.
Sec. 2606. Authorization of appropriations, National Guard and Reserve.
Sec. 2607. Extension of authorizations of certain fiscal year 2007 projects.
Sec. 2608. Extension of authorizations of certain fiscal year 2006 project.
Subtitle A — Authorizations
Sec. 2701. Authorization of appropriations for base closure and realignment activities funded through Department of Defense Base Closure Account 1990.
Sec. 2702. Authorized base closure and realignment activities funded through Department of Defense Base Closure Account 2005.
Sec. 2703. Authorization of appropriations for base closure and realignment activities funded through Department of Defense Base Closure Account 2005.
Subtitle B — Other Matters
Sec. 2711. Relocation of certain Army Reserve units in Connecticut.
Sec. 2712. Authority to construct Armed Forces Reserve Center in vicinity of Pease Air National Guard Base, New Hampshire.
Sec. 2713. Sense of Congress on ensuring joint basing recommendations do not adversely affect operational readiness.
Sec. 2714. Requirements related to providing world class military medical facilities in the National Capital Region.
Sec. 2715. Use of economic development conveyances to implement base closure and realignment property recommendations.
Subtitle A — Military Construction Program and Military Family Housing Changes
Sec. 2801. Modification of unspecified minor construction authorities.
Sec. 2802. Congressional notification of facility repair projects carried out using operation and maintenance funds.
Sec. 2803. Modification of authority for scope of work variations.
Sec. 2804. Modification of conveyance authority at military installations.
Sec. 2805. Imposition of requirement that acquisition of reserve component facilities be authorized by law.
Sec. 2806. Authority to use operation and maintenance funds for construction projects inside the United States Central Command area of responsibility.
Sec. 2807. Expansion of First Sergeants Barracks Initiative.
Sec. 2808. Reports on privatization initiatives for military unaccompanied housing.
Sec. 2809. Report on Department of Defense contributions to States for acquisition, construction, expansion, rehabilitation, or conversion of reserve component facilities.
Subtitle B — Real Property and Facilities Administration
Sec. 2821. Modification of utility systems conveyance authority.
Sec. 2822. Report on global defense posture realignment and interagency review.
Sec. 2823. Property and facilities management of the Armed Forces Retirement Home.
Sec. 2824. Acceptance of contributions to support cleanup efforts at former Almaden Air Force Station, California.
Sec. 2825. Selection of military installations to serve as locations of brigade combat teams.
Sec. 2826. Report on Federal assistance to support communities adversely impacted by expansion of military installations.
Subtitle C — Provisions Related to Guam Realignment
Sec. 2831. Role of Department of Defense in management and coordination of Defense activities relating to Guam realignment.
Sec. 2832. Clarifications regarding use of special purpose entities to assist with Guam realignment.
Sec. 2833. Workforce issues related to military construction and certain other transactions on Guam.
Sec. 2834. Composition of workforce for construction projects funded through the Support for United States Relocation to Guam Account.
Sec. 2835. Interagency Coordination Group of Inspectors General for Guam Realignment.
Sec. 2836. Compliance with Naval Aviation Safety requirements as condition on acceptance of replacement facility for Marine Corps Air Station, Futenma, Okinawa.
Sec. 2837. Report and sense of Congress on Marine Corps requirements in Asia-Pacific region.
Subtitle D — Energy Security
Sec. 2841. Adoption of unified energy monitoring and utility control system specification for military construction and military family housing activities.
Sec. 2842. Department of Defense goal regarding use of renewable energy sources to meet facility energy needs.
Sec. 2843. Department of Defense participation in programs for management of energy demand or reduction of energy usage during peak periods.
Sec. 2844. Department of Defense use of electric and hybrid motor vehicles.
Sec. 2845. Study on development of nuclear power plants on military installations.
Sec. 2846. Comptroller General report on Department of Defense renewable energy initiatives, including solar initiatives, on military installations.
Subtitle E — Land Conveyances
Sec. 2851. Land conveyance, Haines Tank Farm, Haines, Alaska.
Sec. 2852. Release of reversionary interest, Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Arkansas.
Sec. 2853. Transfer of administrative jurisdiction, Port Chicago Naval Magazine, California.
Sec. 2854. Land conveyance, Ferndale housing at Centerville Beach Naval Facility to City of Ferndale, California.
Sec. 2855. Land conveyances, Naval Air Station, Barbers Point, Hawaii.
Sec. 2856. Land conveyances of certain parcels in the Camp Catlin and Ohana Nui areas, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
Sec. 2857. Modification of land conveyance, former Griffiss Air Force Base, New York.
Sec. 2858. Land conveyance, Army Reserve Center, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.
Sec. 2859. Land conveyance, Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota.
Sec. 2860. Land conveyance, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.
Sec. 2861. Land Conveyance, Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia.
Sec. 2862. Completion of land exchange and consolidation, Fort Lewis, Washington.
Sec. 2863. Land conveyance, F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Subtitle F — Other Matters
Sec. 2871. Revised authority to establish national monument to honor United States Armed Forces working dog teams.
Sec. 2872. National D-Day Memorial study.
Sec. 2873. Conditions on establishment of Cooperative Security Location in Palanquero, Colombia.
Sec. 2874. Military activities at United States Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center.
Sec. 2901. Authorized Army construction and land acquisition projects.
Sec. 2902. Authorized Air Force construction and land acquisition projects.
Sec. 2903. Construction authorization for facilities for Office of Defense Representative-Pakistan.
Subtitle A — National Security Programs Authorizations
Sec. 3101. National Nuclear Security Administration.
Sec. 3102. Defense environmental cleanup.
Sec. 3103. Other defense activities.
Sec. 3104. Defense nuclear waste disposal.
Sec. 3105. Energy security and assurance.
Sec. 3106. Relation to funding tables.
Subtitle B — Program Authorizations, Restrictions, and Limitations
Sec. 3111. Stockpile stewardship program.
Sec. 3112. Report on stockpile stewardship criteria and assessment of stockpile stewardship program.
Sec. 3113. Stockpile management program.
Sec. 3114. Dual validation of annual weapons assessment and certification.
Sec. 3115. Elimination of nuclear weapons life extension program from exception to requirement to request funds in budget of the President.
Sec. 3116. Long-term plan for the modernization and refurbishment of the nuclear security complex.
Sec. 3117. Repeal of prohibition on funding activities associated with international cooperative stockpile stewardship.
Sec. 3118. Modification of minor construction threshold for plant projects.
Sec. 3119. Two-year extension of authority for appointment of certain scientific, engineering, and technical personnel.
Sec. 3120. National Nuclear Security Administration authority for urgent nonproliferation activities.
Sec. 3121. Repeal of sunset date for consolidation of counterintelligence programs of Department of Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration.
Subtitle C — Reports
Sec. 3131. National Academy of Sciences review of national security laboratories.
Sec. 3132. Plan to ensure capability to monitor, analyze, and evaluate foreign nuclear weapons activities.
Sec. 3133. Comptroller General study of stockpile stewardship program.
Sec. 3134. Comptroller General of the United States review of projects carried out by the Office of Environmental Management of the Department of Energy pursuant to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
Subtitle D — Other Matters
Sec. 3141. Ten-year plan for use and funding of certain Department of Energy facilities.
Sec. 3142. Expansion of authority of Ombudsman of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program.
Sec. 3143. Identification in budget materials of amounts for certain Department of Energy pension obligations.
Sec. 3144. Sense of Congress on production of molybdenum-99.
Sec. 3201. Authorization.
Sec. 3401. Authorization of appropriations.
Sec. 3501. Authorization of appropriations for fiscal year 2010.
Sec. 3502. Unused leave balances.
Sec. 3503. Temporary program authorizing contracts with adjunct professors at the United States Merchant Marine Academy.
Sec. 3504. Maritime loan guarantee program.
Sec. 3505. Defense measures against unauthorized seizures of Maritime Security Fleet vessels.
Sec. 3506. Report on restrictions on United States-flagged commercial vessel security.
Sec. 3507. Technical corrections to State maritime academies student incentive program.
Sec. 3508. Cooperative agreements, administrative expenses, and contracting authority.
Sec. 3509. Use of funding for DOT maritime heritage property.
Sec. 3510. Use of midshipman fees.
Sec. 3511. Construction of vessels in the United States policy.
Sec. 3512. Port infrastructure development program.
Sec. 3513. Reefs for marine life conservation program.
Sec. 3514. United States Merchant Marine Academy graduate program receipt, disbursement, and accounting for nonappropriated funds.
Sec. 3515. America's short sea transportation grants for the development of marine highways.
Sec. 3516. Expansion of the Marine View system.
Sec. 4001. Authorization of amounts in funding tables.
Sec. 4101. Procurement.
Sec. 4102. Procurement for overseas contingency operations.
Sec. 4201. Research, development, test, and evaluation.
Sec. 4202. Research, development, test, and evaluation for overseas contingency operations.
Sec. 4301. Operation and maintenance.
Sec. 4302. Operation and maintenance for overseas contingency operations.
Sec. 4401. Other authorizations.
Sec. 4402. Other authorizations for overseas contingency operations.
Sec. 4501. Military construction.
Sec. 4502. 2005 base realignment and closure round FY 2010 project listing.
Sec. 4503. Military construction for overseas contingency operations.
Sec. 4601. Department of Energy national security programs.
Sec. 4701. Short title.
Sec. 4702. Findings.
Sec. 4703. Definitions.
Sec. 4704. Support for criminal investigations and prosecutions by State, local, and tribal law enforcement officials.
Sec. 4705. Grant program.
Sec. 4706. Authorization for additional personnel to assist State, local, and tribal law enforcement.
Sec. 4707. Prohibition of certain hate crime acts.
Sec. 4708. Statistics.
Sec. 4709. Severability.
Sec. 4710. Rule of construction.
Sec. 4711. Guidelines for hate-crimes offenses.
Sec. 4712. Attacks on United States servicemen.
Sec. 4713. Report on mandatory minimum sentencing provisions.

Sec. 3. Congressional Defense Committees.[edit]

For purposes of this Act, the term “congressional defense committees” has the meaning given that term in section 101(a)(16) of title 10, United States Code.

Approved October 28, 2009.

Legislative History[edit]

    • No. 111-35 accompanying S. 1390 (Comm. on Armed Services)
  • CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 155 (2009):
    • June 25, considered and passed House.
    • July 23, considered and passed Senate, amended.
    • Oct. 7, Conference report filed.
    • Oct. 8, House agreed to conference report.
    • Oct. 22, Senate agreed to conference report.