National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993

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An Act
To amend the National and Community Service Act of 1990 to establish a Corporation for National Service, enhance opportunities for national service, and provide national service educational awards to persons participating in such service, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

Section 1. Short Title; Table of Contents.[edit]

This Act may be cited as the ``National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993´´.
The table of contents is as follows:
Sec. 1. Short Title; Table of Contents.
Sec. 2. Findings and Purpose.
Subtitle A — Programs
Sec. 101. Federal Investment in Support of National Service.
Sec. 102. National Service Trust and Provision of National Service Educational Awards.
Sec. 103. School-based and Community-based Service-Learning Programs.
Sec. 104. Quality and Innovation Activities.
Sec. 105. Public Lands Corps.
Sec. 106. Urban Youth Corps.
Subtitle B — Related Provisions
Sec. 111. Definitions.
Sec. 112. Authority to Make State Grants.
Sec. 113. Family and Medical Leave.
Sec. 114. Reports.
Sec. 115. Nondiscrimination.
Sec. 116. Notice, Hearing, and Grievance Procedures.
Sec. 117. Nondisplacement.
Sec. 118. Evaluation.
Sec. 119. Engagement of Participants.
Sec. 120. Contingent Extension.
Sec. 121. Audits.
Sec. 122. Repeals.
Sec. 123. Effective Date.
Sec. 201. State Commissions on National and Community Service.
Sec. 202. Interim authorities of the Corporation for National and Community Service and ACTION Agency.
Sec. 203. Final authorities of the Corporation for National and Community Service.
Sec. 204. Business Plan.
Sec. 205. Actions under the national service laws to be subject to the availability of appropriations.
Subtitle A — National and Community Service Act of 1990
Sec. 301. Authorization of Appropriations.
Subtitle B — Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973
Sec. 311. Short Title; References.
Chapter 1 — VISTA and Other Anti-poverty Programs
Sec. 321. Purpose of the VISTA program.
Sec. 322. Assistant director for VISTA program.
Sec. 323. Selection and assignment of VISTA volunteers.
Sec. 324. Terms and periods of service.
Sec. 325. Support for VISTA volunteers.
Sec. 326. Participation of younger and older persons.
Sec. 327. Literacy activities.
Sec. 328. Applications for assistance.
Sec. 329. Repeal of authority for student community service programs.
Sec. 330. University Year for VISTA.
Sec. 331. Authority to establish and operate special volunteer and demonstration programs.
Sec. 332. Technical and financial assistance.
Sec. 333. Elimination of separate authority for drug abuse programs.
Chapter 2 — National Senior Volunteer Corps
Sec. 341. National Senior Volunteer Corps.
Sec. 342. The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program.
Sec. 343. Operation of the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program.
Sec. 344. Services under the Foster Grandparent Program.
Sec. 345. Stipends for low-income volunteers.
Sec. 346. Conditions of grants and contracts.
Sec. 347. Evaluation of the Senior Companion Program.
Sec. 348. Agreements with other Federal agencies.
Sec. 349. Programs of national significance.
Sec. 350. Adjustments to Federal financial assistance.
Sec. 351. Demonstration programs.
Chapter 3 — Administration
Sec. 361. Purpose of agency.
Sec. 362. Authority of the Director.
Sec. 363. Political activities.
Sec. 364. Compensation for volunteers.
Sec. 365. Repeal of report.
Sec. 366. Application of Federal law.
Sec. 367. Nondiscrimination provisions.
Sec. 368. Elimination of separate requirements for setting regulations.
Sec. 369. Clarification of role of Inspector General.
Sec. 370. Copyright protection.
Sec. 371. Deposit requirement credit for service as a volunteer.
Chapter 4 — Authorization of Appropriations and Other Amendments
Sec. 381. Authorization of appropriations for title I.
Sec. 382. Authorization of appropriations for title II.
Sec. 383. Authorization of appropriations for title IV.
Sec. 384. Conforming amendments; compensation for VISTA FECA claimants.
Sec. 385. Repeal of authority.
Chapter 5 — General Provisions
Sec. 391. Technical and Conforming Amendments.
Sec. 392. Effective Date.
Sec. 401. Definitions.
Sec. 402. References to the Commission on National and Community Service.
Sec. 403. References to Directors of the Commission on National and Community Service.
Sec. 404. Definition of Director.
Sec. 405. References to ACTION and the ACTION Agency.
Sec. 406. Effective date.
Sec. 501. Compliance with Buy American Act.
Sec. 502. Sense of Congress; requirement regarding notice.
Sec. 503. Prohibition of contracts with persons falsely labeling products as made in America.

Sec. 2. Findings and Purpose.[edit]

Section 2 of the National and Community Service Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. 12501) is amended to read as follows:


``(a) FINDINGS.—
The Congress finds the following:
``(1) Throughout the United States, there are pressing unmet human, educational, environmental, and public safety needs.
``(2) Americans desire to affirm common responsibilities and shared values, and join together in positive experiences, that transcend race, religion, gender, age, disability, region, income, and education.
``(3) The rising costs of postsecondary education are putting higher education out of reach for an increasing number of citizens.
``(4) Americans of all ages can improve their communities and become better citizens through service to the United States.
``(5) Nonprofit organizations, local governments, States, and the Federal Government are already supporting a wide variety of national service programs that deliver needed services in a cost-effective manner.
``(6) Residents of low-income communities, especially youth and young adults, can be empowered through their service, and can help provide future community leadership.
``(b) PURPOSE.—
It is the purpose of this Act to—
``(1) meet the unmet human, educational, environmental, and public safety needs of the United States, without displacing existing workers;
``(2) renew the ethic of civic responsibility and the spirit of community throughout the United States;
``(3) expand educational opportunity by rewarding individuals who participate in national service with an increased ability to pursue higher education or job training;
``(4) encourage citizens of the United States, regardless of age, income, or disability, to engage in full-time or part-time national service;
``(5) reinvent government to eliminate duplication, support locally established initiatives, require measurable goals for performance, and offer flexibility in meeting those goals;
``(6) expand and strengthen existing service programs with demonstrated experience in providing structured service opportunities with visible benefits to the participants and community;
``(7) build on the existing organizational service infrastructure of Federal, State, and local programs and agencies to expand full-time and part-time service opportunities for all citizens; and
``(8) provide tangible benefits to the communities in which national service is performed.´´.

Section 1(b) of the National and Community Service Act of 1990 (Public Law 101-610; 104 Stat. 3127) is amended by striking the item relating to section 2 and inserting the following new item:


Approved September 21, 1993.

Legislative History[edit]

    • No. 103-155 (Comm. on Education and Labor)
    • No. 103-219 (Comm. of Conference)
  • CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 139 (1993):
    • July 28, considered and passed House.
    • Aug. 3, considered and passed Senate in lieu of S. 919 with an amendment.
    • Aug. 5, Conference report filed.
    • Aug. 6, House agreed to conference report.
    • Sept. 8, Senate agreed to conference report.