National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993/Title III

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Subtitle A — National and Community Service Act of 1990
Sec. 301. Authorization of appropriations.
Subtitle B — Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973
Sec. 311. Short title; references.
Chapter 1 — VISTA and Other Anti-poverty Programs
Sec. 321. Purpose of the VISTA program.
Sec. 322. Assistant director for VISTA program.
Sec. 323. Selection and assignment of VISTA volunteers.
Sec. 324. Terms and periods of service.
Sec. 325. Support for VISTA volunteers.
Sec. 326. Participation of younger and older persons.
Sec. 327. Literacy activities.
Sec. 328. Applications for assistance.
Sec. 329. Repeal of authority for student community service programs.
Sec. 330. University Year for VISTA.
Sec. 331. Authority to establish and operate special volunteer and demonstration programs.
Sec. 332. Technical and financial assistance.
Sec. 333. Elimination of separate authority for drug abuse programs.
Chapter 2 — National Senior Volunteer Corps
Sec. 341. National Senior Volunteer Corps.
Sec. 342. The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program.
Sec. 343. Operation of the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program.
Sec. 344. Services under the Foster Grandparent Program.
Sec. 345. Stipends for low-income volunteers.
Sec. 346. Conditions of grants and contracts.
Sec. 347. Evaluation of the Senior Companion Program.
Sec. 348. Agreements with other Federal agencies.
Sec. 349. Programs of national significance.
Sec. 350. Adjustments to Federal financial assistance.
Sec. 351. Demonstration programs.
Chapter 3 — Administration
Sec. 361. Purpose of agency.
Sec. 362. Authority of the Director.
Sec. 363. Political activities.
Sec. 364. Compensation for volunteers.
Sec. 365. Repeal of report.
Sec. 366. Application of Federal law.
Sec. 367. Nondiscrimination provisions.
Sec. 368. Elimination of separate requirements for setting regulations.
Sec. 369. Clarification of role of Inspector General.
Sec. 370. Copyright protection.
Sec. 371. Deposit requirement credit for service as a volunteer.
Chapter 4 — Authorization of Appropriations and Other Amendments
Sec. 381. Authorization of appropriations for title I.
Sec. 382. Authorization of appropriations for title II.
Sec. 383. Authorization of appropriations for title IV.
Sec. 384. Conforming amendments; compensation for VISTA FECA claimants.
Sec. 385. Repeal of authority.
Chapter 5 — General Provisions
Sec. 391. Technical and conforming amendments.
Sec. 392. Effective date.