Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers: Series I/Volume IV/Donatist Controversy/On Baptism/Book VII/Chapter 24

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Chapter 24.—46.  Rogatianus of Nova[1] said:  "Christ established the Church, the devil heresy:  how can the synagogue of Satan have the baptism of Christ?"[2]

47.  To him our answer is:  Is it true that because Christ established the well-affectioned, and the devil the envious, therefore the party of the devil, which is proved to be among the envious, cannot have the baptism of Christ?


  1. Nova was in ecclesiastical province of Mauritania Cæsariensis.  For Rogatianus as bishop, see Cypr. Epp. lvii., lxvii., lxx., bis.
  2. Conc. Carth. sec. 60.