Notes on the churches in the counties of Kent, Sussex, and Surrey/Supplement

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It is hoped, that the following Supplement will be accepted as some compensation for the vexatious delay, which has unexpectedly occurred in the completion of this volume, and likewise as an evidence, that the researches, of which the results hitherto are now offered to the public, are not deemed to be concluded, but that, on the contrary, corrections and additions will continue to be made, so long as the requisite powers are vouchsafed, and opportunities afforded.

A. H.  

Rottingdean, December, 1851.


1. Addington.—A church of chancel, nave, north porch (with a good late Perp. bargeboard), and west tower. There are also a late addition on the south, and a smaller on the north, of the chancel. All the exterior seems Perp. The tower is one of those square Perp. structures, with battlements and stair turret, which are exceedingly common through great part of Kent, and also in part of Sussex. The inscription, recorded by Hasted, was not observed. Key of church could not be obtained.

25. Bexley.—Chancel, nave, north aisle, and west tower with a shingled spire in two portions. Over what was a south porch, and projecting beyond it, is a hideous modern erection used as the vestry. A window in the north wall of the chancel indicates that portion to be Norm., or Tr. Norm., the other walls and the tower may be E.E., but the exterior is completely concealed by plaster. The east window has been built up; other windows are Dec. and Perp. insertions. The chancel contains a piscina, and a sedile. There have been three sedilia, but the central is blocked up by a monument, and the western has been cut down to resemble a door. At the southern entrance of the churchyard is a lich-gate.

32. Birling.—Chancel, nave, with north and south aisles, and west tower. The last is Perp., the remainder seems Dec. with some Perp. In the north wall of the aisle, toward the east end, is a very wide, buttress-like projection, similar to others, which are conjectured to contain the stairs leading to, or to have been connected with, the roodloft. Church not entered.

85. Cray, Foot's.—A very small church, comprising chancel, nave, with a chapel on the north side, a tall timber bell-turret over the west end of nave, and west porch. The font, of Weald marble, is Norm., the chancel may be Tr. Norm., or at least E.E., the north chapel Perp., the windows generally the same. The roodloft stairs, Perp., still exist on the south side of nave, the pulpit being placed near the head of them. A very small portion remains of Dec. screenwork.