One Hundred Poems of Kabir/IX

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I. 104. aisa lo nahin taisa lo

aisaa lo nahin taisa lo, main kehi bidhi kathoun gambheeraa lo
bheetar kahun to jagmay leejye, baahar kahun to jhootha lo
baahar-bheetar sakal neetantar, chitt-achitt dou peetha lo
drishti na mushti pargat agochar, baatan kahaa na jaayee lo

O How may I ever express that secret word?
O how can I say He is not like this, and He is like that?
If I say that He is within me, the universe is ashamed:
If I say that He is without me, it is falsehood.
He makes the inner and the outer worlds to be indivisibly one;
The conscious and the unconscious, both are His footstools
He is neither manifest nor hidden, He is neither revealed nor unrevealed:
There are no words to tell that which He is.