One Hundred Poems of Kabir/LXXI

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III. 13. sadh sangat pitam

saadh-sangat peetam uhaan chal jaayeeye
bhaav-bhakti-updesh tahaan te paayeeye
sangat hee jari jaav n charcha naam kee
doolah binaa baraat kaho kis kaam kee
dubidhaa ko kar door peetam ko dhyaayeeye
aan dev kee sev n chitt lagaayeeye
aan dev kee sev bhalee naahin jeev ko
kahye Kabir vichaar n paavye peev ko

Go thou to the company of the good, where the Beloved One has His dwelling place:
Take all thy thoughts and love and instruction from thence.
Let that assembly be burnt to ashes where His Name is not spoken!
Tell me, how couldst thou hold a wedding-feast, if the bridegroom himself were not there?
Waver no more, think only of the Beloved;
Set not thy heart on the worship of other gods, there is no worth in the worship of other masters.
Kabir deliberates and says: "Thus thou shalt never find the Beloved!"