One Hundred Poems of Kabir/XI

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I. 131. nis din khelat rahi sakhiyan sang

nis-din khelat rahi sakhiyan sang, mohi badaa dar laage
more saahib ki unchee atariyaa, chadhat men jiyaraa kaampe
jo sukh chahye to lajja tyaage, piyaa se hil-mil laage
ghoonghat khol ang bhar bhente, nain aarti saaje
kahye Kabir suno sakhi moree, prem hoye so jaane
jin preetam ki aas nahin hai, naahak kaajar paare

I played day and night with my comrades, and now I am greatly afraid.
So high is my Lord's palace, my heart trembles to mount its stairs: yet I must not be shy, if I would enjoy His love.
My heart must cleave to my Lover; I must withdraw my veil, and meet Him with all my body:
Mine eyes must perform the ceremony of the lamps of love.
Kabir says: "Listen to me, friend: he understands who loves. If you feel not love's longing for your Beloved One, it is vain to adorn your body, vain to put unguent on your eyelids."