One Hundred Poems of Kabir/XV

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II. 57. janh khelat vasant rituraj

janh khelat vasant rituraj,
jahn anhad baaja bajye baaj
chahun disi joti kee bahye dhaar,
birla jan koi utrye paar
koti Krishna jahn joden hath,
koti Vishnu janh naaven maath
kotin Brahmaa padhyen puraan,
koti Mahesh dharyen jahn dhyaan
koti Saraswati janh dharyen raag,
koti Indra janh gagan laag
Sur-Gandharv-muni ganye na jaayen,
jahn saahab pragate aaye aaye
chobaa chandan aur abeer,
puhup-vaas ras rahyo gambheer

Where Spring, the lord of the seasons, reigneth, there the Unstruck Music sounds of itself,
There the streams of light flow in all directions;
Few are the men who can cross to that shore!
There, where millions of Krishnas stand with hands folded,
Where millions of Vishnus bow their heads, Where millions of Brahmas are reading the Vedas,
Where millions of Shivas are lost in contemplation,
Where millions of Indras dwell in the sky,
Where the demi-gods and the munis are unnumbered,
Where millions of Saraswatis, Goddess of Music, play on the vina
There is my Lord self-revealed: and the scent of sandal and flowers dwells in those deeps.