Orders to German Commanders on Surrender (5 May 1945)

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First Canadian Army Orders to German Commanders on Surrender

  1. Troops under your command will remain in their present location. You will be held personally responsible for their discipline and that no movement of your troops, either individually or otherwise, takes place without authority from the Allied Headquarters specified in paragraph 17 below.
  2. You will provide in accordance with the forms to be delivered to you the following information together with any other information now or later demanded:
    1. detailed order of battle of your Command, location of all subordinate units, headquarters and their strength.
    2. the maintenance plan of your command together with an estimate of the amount of food, petrol, oil, lubricants, medical supplies and forage under your control.
    3. a plan of all minefields, prepared demolitions of all typed and other obstacles to movement and a report of the condition of routes and other communications in your area.
    4. the layout of your signal communications, detail of codes and cipher systems.
    5. information of the number, by nationalities and locations, of United Nations personnel whetherwho are prisoners of war or civilian internees in your area. This information will be provided at 1600 hrs 6 May.
    6. your weapon, vehicle and animal states.
    7. the locations and holdings of all military installations, dumps, depots and parks in your area.
  3. You will be responsible for the accuracy of the information you give and the delivery of such information within the prescribed time limits.

  1. You will make no communication by wireless or any other means with any other German unit, force, place or station from the time of receipt of this order, except communication may now be established with Field Marshal Busch.
  2. You will allow no destruction, removal or consignment of war material of any description including records and documents of any description within your area.
  3. You will disarm all your personnel when ordered by me and dump war material in places as ordered.
  4. You will be responsible for the maintenance and safeguarding of all United Nations personnel in your area.
  5. You will be responsible for your own maintenance and will make application for authority to carry out such movement as will be necessary for that purpose.
  6. You will retain all animals now in your possession and will be held responsible for their maintenance.
  7. You will take under your command immediately all members of the Kasernierte Polizei and ensure that the above orders are applied to them.
  8. You will take under your control and be responsible for the maintenance of all concentration camps in your area. You will arrest all personnel connected with the camps other than the inmates.
  9. You will be responsible for notifying all troops under your command of these orders.
  10. You will report for future orders as directed by me and will be accompanied by officers of your staff: as required by me from time to time

  1. Your attention is drawn to Military Government Ordinance Number 1, the provisions of which are applicable to you and your troops and a copy of which is attached. You will be responsible for, promulgating this ordinance to all troops under your command, without delay.
  2. You will continue, as already arranged, to clear the canals of obstructions, mines, etc, so that normal barge traffic may be recommended.
  3. You will continue to assist in the arrangements for feeding the Dutch civilian population.
  4. These orders are issued to you without prejudice to, and will be superseded by, any general instrument of surrender applicable to GERMANY and the German Armed Forces as a whole. Commander Lieut-General, GCC1 (Signature of Allied Cdn Corps Commander)
  5. I acknowledge receipt of a copy of the above orders at Wageningen at 16:30 hours on 5 May 1945 and undertake to comply in every respect.

(Signature of German Commander)
Name, rank and personal number of German Commander
In the field
5 May 1945

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