Oregon Historical Quarterly/Volume 11

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Number 1 (March 1910)[edit]

  • Oregon Counties: Their Creations and the Origins of Their Names. by Frederick V. Holman (address at OHS annual meeting)
  • Opinion of Wm. D. Fenton: On the Power of the Legislature to Increase the Number of Justices Constituting the Supreme Court of Oregon
  • "Notes"



Oregon Historical Society.

Volume XI

JUNE, 1910

Number 2

[Copyright, 1910, by Oregon Historical Society]

[The Quarterly disavows responsibility for the positions taken by contributors to Its pages.]

Financial History of the State of Oregon: Oregon's Public Domain - The Sale of Oregon's Lands F. G. Young

Recollections of a Pioneer of 1859: Lawson Stockman B. F. Manring

What I Know of Dr. McLoughlin and How I Know It John Minto

Ogden journals editorial notes by T. C. Elliott

The Peter Skene Ogden Journals

An estimate of the character and services of Judge George H. Williams Harvey W. Scott

Note: A Supplement to the Paper on Oregon's Counties Frederic V. Holman

Number 3 (September 1910)[edit]

  • Peter Skene Ogden, Fur Trader. by T. C. Elliott (annual OHS address)
  • The Late George H. Williams. by T. W. Davenport
  • Financial History of the State of Oregon: Public Expenditures. by F. G. Young
  • "Documents"
  • "Notes"

Number 4 (December 1910)[edit]

  • The Rise and Early History of Political Parties in Oregon. by W. C. Woodward
  • The Peter Skene Ogden Journals. by editorial notes by T. C. Elliott
  • Journal of Peter Skene Ogden: Snake Expedition, 1827-1828. by as copied by Miss Agnes Laut in 1905
  • "Corrections"
  • "Document"
  • Financial History of Oregon: Use of Public Credit by the State of Oregon. by F. G. Young