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Volume 28, No. 1 (Mar. 1927)[edit]

Volume 28, No. 2 (June 1927)[edit]

  • New England and the Opening of the Columbia River Salmon Trade, 1830. by Samuel Eliot Morison
  • The Western Sea in the Jesuit Relations. by C. S. Kingston
  • The Indians in Washington, Their Distribution by Languages. by J. Neilson Barry
  • "Oregon Geographic Names". by Lewis A. McArthur

Volume 28, No. 3 (Sept. 1927)[edit]

  • Frederick V. Holman: An Appreciation. by N. J. Levinson
  • Gleanings from the Story of Our Oregon Pioneers. by Hon. George M. Brown
  • Journal and Report by Dr. Marcus Whitman of His Tour of Exploration with Rev. Samuel Parker in 1835 beyond the Rocky Mountains. by intro. and notes by F. G. Young
  • The Journal of the Ship Ruby. by T. C. Elliott
  • "Oregon Geographic Names". by Lewis A. McArthur
  • "News and Comment". by Barbara C. Elliott

Volume 28, No. 4 (Dec. 1927)[edit]

  • A History of Bandon and the Coquille River [from ca. 1900]. by George Bennett
  • Tribal Distribution in Southwestern Oregon. by Leslie Spier
  • The Oregon Pioneers and the Boundary [rep. from AHR]. by Frederick Merk
  • La Verendrye Journals and Letters--A Review. by Charles H. Carey
  • "News and Comment". by Barbara Coit Elliott
  • The 1928 Anniversaries for Oregon. by F. G. Young
  • "Correction"


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