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Volume 29, No. 1 (Mar. 1928)[edit]

  • The Influence of American Settlements upon the Oregon Boundary Treaty of 1846. by Leslie M. Scott
  • A History of Bandon and the Coquille River. by George Bennett
  • Report of Lieutenant Peel on Oregon in 1845-46. by Leslie M. Scott
  • The Journey to Oregon -- A Pioneer Girl's Diary. by intro. and ed. by Claire Warner Churchill

Volume 29, No. 2 (June 1928)[edit]

  • History of Pioneer Sheep Husbandry in Oregon. by Alfred L. Lomax
  • Indian Diseases As Aids to Pacific Northwest Settlement. by Leslie M. Scott
  • Captain Gray's First Visit to Oregon. by T. C. Elliott
  • Haswell's Log of a Voyage Round the World on the Ship Columbia Rediviva and the Sloop Washington. by T. C. Elliott
  • The Diary of Henry Bridgeman Brewer: Being a Log of the Lausanne and the Time-Book of The Dalles Mission. by intro. and ed. by John M. Canse
  • On the Plains in 1852. by J. Neilson Barry
  • "Reviews" [2, including OGN]. by David W. Hazen, F. G. Young

Volume 29, No. 3 (Sept. 1928)[edit]

  • Historical Review, Champoeg, the Plymouth Rock of the Northwest. by Peter H. D'Arcy
  • The Oregonian Newspaper in Oregon History. by Leslie M. Scott
  • Devine Monument Dedication. by Lewis A. McArthur
  • Dedication Address. by John W. Biggs
  • The Letters of Roselle Putnam. by trans. and notes by Sheba Hargreaves
  • Captain Cook's Approach to Oregon, by T. C. Elliott
  • John Meares' Approach to Oregon, by T. C. Elliott
  • The Log of the Lausanne--II. ed. by J. M. Canse
  • "Notes and Comment"

Volume 29, No. 4 (Dec. 1928)[edit]

  • Superstitions and Ceremonies of Indians of Old Oregon. by John Gill
  • Autobiographical Sketch of William Henry Rector. by intro. by Fred Lockley
  • Journal of Captain Charles Bishop of the "Ruby" in 1795. by intro. and notes by T. C. Elliott
  • The Log of the Lausanne-III. by notes and comm. by J. M. Canse
  • Historic Markers. by Lewis A. McArthur
  • For an Oregon Pioneers Centennial Memorial: A Project of Survey and Planning [rep. from Commonwealth Review]. by F. G. Young


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