Oregon Historical Quarterly/Volume 42

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Oregon Historical Quarterly  (1941)  edited by Alfred Powers
Volume 42

Number 1 (March)[edit]

  • Wilderness Rendezvous Period of the American Fur Trade. by Carl P. Russell
  • Some Letters from 1792-1800 on the China Trade. by Grace Parker Morris
  • Debt of Pacific Northwest to Dr. Joseph Schafer. by Alfred Powers
  • Lamp in the West [verse]. by Ella Higginson
  • “Reviews"
  • "Shorter Notices"
  • "Western Books". by Bill Brown
  • "News and Comment"
  • "Necrology"
  • "Members"

Number 2 (June)[edit]

  • Bodega to Clayoquot in 1790 in a Long Boat. by T. C. Elliott
  • History of Christian College at Monmouth. by J. F. Santee
  • Stage Annals of Early Oregon from 1846 to 1875. by Alice Henson Ernst
  • Local Road Legislation in Early Oregon. by Jonas A. Jonasson
  • Oregon's Historical Esperanto--The Chinook Jargon. by Chester Anders Fee
  • "Indians Marching" [verse]. by William Hosmer
  • Ordeal of a Klickitat Family under Klickitat Mores. by Ella M. Rea
  • "Reviews"
  • "Shorter Notices"
  • History of Goble. by Vera McAtee
  • "News and Comment"
  • "Necrology"

Number 3 (September)[edit]

  • Site of Wallace House, 1812-1814: One Mile from Salem. by J. Neilson Barry
  • Indian Women As Food Providers and Tribal Counselors. by Leslie M. Scott
  • Boone Family Reminiscences As Told to Mrs. Dye. by Eva Emery Dye
  • Commercial Routes from 1792 to 1843: By Sea and Overland. by Oscar O. Winther
  • Twenty-five National Forests of North Pacific Region. by E. H. Macdaniels
  • Prineville's Municipal Railroad in Central Oregon. by Randall V. Mills
  • "Reviews"
  • "Shorter Notices"
  • Walker Collection. by Clifford M. Drury
  • "News and Comment"
  • "Necrology"
  • [OHS Publications]

Number 4 (December)[edit]

  • Early Days of Electricity in Portland. by O. B. Caldwell
  • School History Confusion on Forty-ninth North. by George Edward Dorman
  • Christian College, 1862-1882, and Its Presidents. by J. F. Santee
  • Artists with Explorations on the Northwest Coast. by Louise Rasmussen
  • Notes on Historical Geography of Rogue River Valley. by Willis B. Merriam
  • Added Botanical Notes on Carl A. Geyer, by Frederick V. Coville
  • Scrapbook of a Historian: Frances Fuller Victor
  • "Reviews"
  • "Shorter Notices"
  • "Annual Meeting". by Burt Brown Barker
  • "From the Newspapers"
  • "News and Comment"
  • "Necrology"
  • "Index"