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that the proceedings in relation thereto have been conformable to the usages of the said People called Quakers, or of the Persons professing the Jewish Religion, as the case may be, and shall, for the purpose of signifying the same, sign his name to the Entry thereof; and every such Entry as hereinbefore is mentioned (whether made by such Officiating Minister or by such Registering Officer or Secretary respectively as aforesaid) shall be made in order from the beginning to the end of each Book, and the number of the place of Entry in each duplicate Marriage Register Book shall be the same.

Duplicates and certified Copies to be sent to Superintendent Registrar
And be it Enacted, That every such Officiating Minister, Registering Officer and Secretary shall, within One calendar Month next after the First day of January, the First day of April, the First day of July, and the First day of October respectively, make and deliver to the Superintendent Registrar of the district within which such Marriages were solemnized, on parchment or vellum, a true copy, certified by him, under his hand, of all the Entries of Marriages in the Register Book kept by him since the last Certificate; and if there shall have been no Marriage entered therein since the last Quarterly Certificate, shall certify the fact under his hand, and shall keep the said Marriage Register Books safely until the same shall be filled; and one copy of every such Register Book, when filled, shall be delivered to the Superintendent Registrar of the District, and the other copy of every such Register Book (except the Register Books of Marriage among the People called Quakers, and among Persons professing the Jewish Religion) shall remain in the keeping of the Officiating Minister, and shall be kept by him in the public chest of the parish within which the Marriages registered therein shall have been solemnized; and the other copy of every such Register Book of Marriages among the People called Quakers, and among Persons professing the Jewish Religion respectively, shall remain under the care of the said People or Persons respectively, to be kept with their other Registers and Records, and shall, for the purposes of this Act, be still deemed to be in the keeping of the Registering Officer for the district for the time being of the said People, or of the Secretary for the time being for the Synagogue wherein such Marriages shall have been solemnized.

Searches may be made and Certificates given by the Persons keeping the Registry Books.
And be it Enacted, That every Person who, according to the provisions of this Act shall have the keeping, for the time being, of any Register Book of Births, Deaths or Marriages, shall, at all reasonable times, allow Searches to be made of any Register Book, in his keening keeping and shall give certified Extracts from the same, on payment of the fee hereinafter mentioned; (that is to say) for every Search, extending over a period not more than One Year, the sum of , and so in proportion for any number of years or longer time than One Year, and the sum of for every single Certificate.