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Superintendent Registrars to send certified copies of Registers to the General Register Office.And be it Enacted, That every Superintendent Registrar shall Four times in every year, on such days as shall be therefore named by the Registrar General send to the Registrar General all the certified copies of the Registers of Births, Deaths and Marriages which he shall have so received during the Three calendar Months next preceding such Quarterly days of transmission respectively; and if it shall appear by interruption of the regular progression of numbers or otherwise, that the copy of any part of any Book has not been duly delivered to him, he shall procure, as far as possible, consistently with the provisions of this Act, that the same may be remedied and supplied; and every such Superintendent Registrar shall be entitled to have the sum of Twopence for every Entry in such Certificates, to be paid to him by the Lord High Treasurer or Lords Commissioners of the Treasury out of the Consolidated Fund; and the certified Copies so sent to the General Registry Office shall be thereafter kept in the said Office, in such order and manner as the Registrar General, under such direction as aforesaid, shall think fit, so that the same may be most readily seen and examined.

Certificates of General Registry Office to be sealed.
And be it Enacted, That the said Commissioners shall cause to be made a Seal of the said Register Office, and the Registrar General shall cause to be sealed or stamped therewith all Certificates of Registration given in the said Office; and all Certificates purporting to be sealed or stamped with the Seal of the said. Register Office, shall be received as evidence of the same respectively without any further or other proof thereof; and no Certificate purporting to be given in the said Office shall be of any force or effect which is not sealed or stamped as aforesaid.

Indexes to be kept, Searches allowed and Certificates given.
And be it Enacted, That the Registrar General shall cause Indexes of the said Registers to be made and kept in the General Register Office; and that every Person shall be entitled on payment of the fees hereinafter mentioned to search the said Indexes, between the hours of Nine in the Morning and Four in the Afternoon of every day, except Sundays, Christmas-day and Good Friday, or on other days authorized to be kept as holydays, and to have a certified Copy of any Entry in the said Registers, sealed or stamped with the seal of the General Register Office; and for every general search of the said Indexes shall be paid the sum of Twenty Shillings, and for every particular search the sum of One Shilling, and for every such certified Copy the sum of Two Shillings and Sixpence, and no more, to the Registrar General, or such other Officer as shall be appointed for that purpose on his account; and every sum received under the provisions of this Act by the Registrar General, or other Officers appointed for that purpose on his account, shall be accounted for by the Registrar General, and paid over to the account of the Consolidated Fund.