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Registers while in the keeping of such Superintendent Registrars, as hereinafter provided and the Clerk of the Peace, by order of the Court, shall notify to the Commissioners every such appointment, and the District for which each Superintendent is appointed.

Deputy Registrars to be appointed.
And be it Enacted, That for every district for which a Registrar shall be appointed the Registrar shall have power, subject to the approval of the Commissioners or Registrar General, to appoint a fit Person to act as his Deputy, in case of the illness or unavoidable absence of such Registrar; and every such Deputy Registrar, whilst so acting, shall have all the powers and duties and be subject to all the provisions and penalties herein declared concerning Registrars.

Registrars and Superintendent Registrars to hold their office until removed by the Commissioners.
And be it Enacted, That every Registrar, Deputy Registrar and Superintendent Registrar shall hold his office until he shall be removed by the Commissioners, or by the Registrar General, if there shall be no such Commissioners, or until he shall cease to hold his office under the provisions hereinafter contained; and no person removed from the office of Registrar, Deputy Registrar or Superintendent Registrar by the said Commissioners, or Registrar General, shall be thenceforward eligible to any such office without the approval of the said Commissioners or Registrar General respectively.

In case of subsequent Unions, previous Appointments to be vacated.
Provided always, and be it Enacted, That as soon as a Board of Guardians shall have been established in any such parish, township or place under the provisions of the said Act for the amendment of the Laws relating to the Poor, the Guardians shall forthwith proceed to appoint Registrars, Deputy Registrars and Superintendent Registrars, in like manner as in the Unions formed before the passing of this Act; and thereupon the Registrars, Deputy Registrars and Superintendent Registrars appointed before the election of such Board of Guardians as aforesaid, in or for such parish, township or place, shall cease to hold their respective offices unless reappointed by the Guardians.

Appointments to be exempt from Stamp Duties.
And be it Enacted, That the Appointments of Registrars, Deputy Registrars and Superintendent Registrars, and the duplicates and certified copies of Registers hereinafter mentioned, shall be exempt from all Stamp Duties.

All Books, &c. to be transferred on removal of Registrar.
And be it Enacted, That in every case in which any Registrar or Superintendent Registrar shall be removed from or cease to hold the said office, all Register Books and Papers in his possession as such Registrar or Superintendent shall be given as soon as conveniently may be to his successor in office; and if any Person shall refuse to give up the said Books and Papers in such case as, aforesaid, it shall be lawful for