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for any of His Majesty's Superior Courts at Westminster, or any Judge of the said Courts, upon summary application made for that purpose, to grant a Rule upon the Party to show cause why the said Books should not be forthwith delivered up, and to make an absolute Rule for delivering up the same, and to proceed by attachment in the usual way, in case such last-mentioned Rule shall not be complied with.

Registrar's Name and Place of Abode to be put on Door of Churches, &c.
And be it Enacted, That every Registrar or Deputy Registrar (as the case may be) shall cause his name and place of abode, with the Place of addition of Registrar or Deputy Registrar (as the case may be) for the district for which he shall be so appointed, to be placed in some conspicuous place on or near the outer door of his own dwelling-house.

Register Books to be provided.
And be it Enacted, That the Registrar General shall cause to be printed, on account of the said Register Office, a sufficient number Register Books, for making entries of all Births, Deaths and Marriages of His Majesty's Subjects in England, according to the forms of Schedules (A.), (B.), (C), to this Act annexed; and the said Register Books shall be of durable materials, and in them shall be printed upon each side of every leaf the heads of information herein required to be known and registered of Births, Deaths and Marriages respectively; and every page of each of such Books shall be numbered progressively from the beginning to the end, beginning with number one; and every place of entry shall be also numbered progressively from the beginning to the end of the Book, beginning with number one; and every entry shall be divided from the following entry by a printed line.

Registrars to register Births and Deaths: Register and certified Copy to be delivered to Superintendent.
And be it Enacted, That the Registrar General shall furnish to every superintendent Registrar, for the use of the Registrars under his superintendence, a sufficient number of Register Books of Births, and of Register Books of Deaths, and of Forms for certified Copies thereof, as hereinafter provided, at a reasonable price to be fixed from time to time by one of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, and to be paid on demand in each case by the parties by whom the Registrar is appointed to the Registrar, and by him accounted for to the Registrar General; and every Registrar shall be authorized and is hereby required to inform himself carefully of every Birth and every Death which shall happen, within his District after the said Thirty-first day of December, and to learn and register as soon after the event as conveniently may be done, without fee or reward, save as hereinafter mentioned, in one of the said Books, the particulars required to be registered according to the Forms in the said Schedules (A.) and (B.) respectively, touching every such Birth or every such Death, as the case may be, which shall not have been already registered, every such entry being made in order from the beginning to the end of the Book: and at the least Four times in every year, on such days as shall from time to time be appointed