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by the Registrar General, every Registrar shall make and deliver to the Superintendent Registrar of his District on parchment or vellum, a true Copy, certified by him under his hand, according to the Form of Schedule (D.) to this Act annexed, of all the entries of Births and Deaths in the Register Book kept by him since the last certificate; and the Superintendent Registrar shall verify the same, and if found to be correct shall certify the same, under his hand, to be a true copy; and if there shall have been no Birth or Death registered since the delivery of the last certificate, the Registrar shall certify the fact, and such certificate shall be delivered to the Superintendent Registrar as aforesaid, and countersigned by him; and the Registrar shall keep safely each of the said Register Books until it shall be filled, and shall then deliver it to the Superintendent Registrar.

Occupiers of Houses in which Birth or Death happens, and in cases of Foundlings or exposed dead bodies, Overseers and Coroners required to give notice to the Registrar.
And be it Enacted, That the Occupier of every house or tenement in England in which any Birth or Death shall happen, after the said Thirty-first day of December shall within Eight Days next after the day of such Birth, or within Three Days after the day of such Death respectively, give Notice of such Birth or Death to the Registrar of the District; and in case any new-born child or any dead body shall be found exposed, the Overseers of the Poor in the case of the new-born child, and the Coroner, in the case of the dead body, shall forthwith give notice and information thereof, and of the place where such child or dead body was found, to the Registrar; and every Person herein required who shall refuse, or without reasonable cause neglect to give such Notice as aforesaid, shall forfeit for every such offence a sum not exceeding Twenty Shillings; and for the purposes of this Act the Master or Keeper of every Gaol, Prison or House of Correction, or Workhouse, Hospital or Lunatic Asylum shall be deemed the occupier thereof.

Parent or Occupier of House, required to give particulars of Birth, so far as known.
And be it Enacted, That the Father or Mother of every Child born in England after the said Thirty-first day of December or in case of the death, illness, absence or inability of the Father and Mother, the Occupier of the House or Tenement in which such Child shall have been born, shall within Fifteen Days next after the day of every such Birth give information, upon being requested so to do, to the said Registrar, according to the best of his or her knowledge and belief, of the several particulars hereby required to be known and registered touching the Birth of such Child.

Children born at Sea may be registered.
And be it Enacted, That if any Child of an English Parent shall be born at Sea, the Father or Mother, or some person present at the Birth of such Child, or in default thereof the Surgeon or Captain or Commanding Officer of the Vessel on board of which the said Child shall have been born, shall forthwith certify the several particulars hereinbefore required to be inserted in the Register touching the Birth of such Child