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A list showing the names and descriptions of witnesses will be found in Appendix “A,“ a list of exhibits in Appendix “B,“ and copies of certain of the more important exhibits in Appendix “C.“

The subject matter of this Report is dealt with under the following heads:—

Part I. .. .. .. Racing as at present conducted.
Part II. .. .. .. Registered Racing.
Part III. .. .. .. Unregistered Racing.
Part IV. .. .. .. Trotting.
Part V. .. .. .. General.
Part VI. .. .. .. Recommendations.

The findings of the Commission are set out in their respective appropriate connections. Its Recommendations will be found in part VI.



Racing in the area covered by the ambit of the Commission is at present provided by a number of associations, clubs, and proprietaries racing under two entirely independent forms of control. These are known to the public as "Registered" and "Unregistered" Racing.

“Registered” Racing may shortly be described as racing conducted by clubs or other bodies for the time being registered with The Queensland Turf Club, which is “the Principal Club" for Southern Queensland, under certain rules known as the Australian Rules of Racing. These rules were framed and adopted about the year 1912, by the lending racing bodies throughout Australia, as the result of a number of conferences held with the object of framing a set of uniform rules suitable for Australian racing conditions. They give to the Principal Club final control in all matters relating to racing within its area.

By “Unregistered” Racing, on the other hand, is meant all that racing, including trotting, which is carried on by clubs or other bodies or proprietaries not registered with The Queensland Turf Club, and consequently not bound by the Australian Rules of Racing.

These clubs and proprietaries are, however, for the most part, associated together for certain purposes, some of which are set out in what are known as the Associated Board Rules. These rules provide for a Board to hear appeals, and for a Licensing Committee, and deal with certain other racing matters. They do not give a governing control to any central representative body in racing matters generally.

Some of these bodies, in addition to galloping events, make provision for trotting. The Brisbane Trotting club provides for trotting events only.


Clubs.——The registered clubs are The Queensland Turf Club, Tattersall's Club, and The Brisbane Amateur Turf Club.

Racecourses.——The racecourses owned or controlled by these clubs are Eagle Farm, Albion Park, and Deagon. The last-mentioned course is under purchase by The Brisbane Amateur Turf Club, but has not been used for racing since 1922. Tattersall’s Club races at Eagle Farm, by arrangement with The Queensland Turf Club.