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12 Race Days.—The Queensland Turf Club, as Principal Club, allots the race days of the registered clubs.

In 1929 sixty-two registered race meetings were held in the area, namely on each Saturday and on the following public holidays, viz. : —

New Year's Day Labour Day
Foundation Day King's Birthday
St. Patrick's Day Exhibition Day (Wednesday)
Easter Monday Boxing Day

and also on the Monday in Exhibition week and on the second Wednesday in November.

The Queensland Turf Club itself raced on twenty-six days, including all the above holidays and the Wednesday in November.

Tattersall's Club was allotted five Saturdays. The Brisbane Amateur Turf Club raced on thirty Saturdays and on the Monday in Exhibition week.

Stipendary Stewards.—The Queensland Turf Club, as Principal Club, appoints three stipendary stewards, who are present at, and whose powers include complete control of all racing matters during every meeting of a registered club.

These stewards are appointed at substantial annual salaries which are contributed to by the registered clubs.

Appeals.—Appeals lie against decisions of the stewards to the Committee of The Queensland Turf Club, whose meetings on the hearing of appeals are open to the Press. The appeal is in the nature of a rehearing, and the appellant is entitled to the assistance of counsel. The decision of the Committee is final.

Registration of Horses and Licensees.—Before being nominated for any event at a registered race meeting, a horse must first have been registered with the Australian Registrar of Racehorses or his Deputy, and all persons taking part at any such meeting in the capacity of trainer, stable hand, apprentice, jockey, bookmaker, or bookmaker's clerk must first receive the license of the Principal Club, which license is required to be renewed annually.

Prize Money.—The minimum prize money distributable at any race meeting of a registered club is determined by the Principal Club. The present minimum so determined is £1,200 for a meeting of six events.

Admission Fees.—The fees charged to the public for admission are as follows :—

                                   Gentlemen.  Ladies.

To Eagle Farm—

                                      s.  d.   s. d.
     To the Paddock ..  ..  ..  ..    12   0    9  3 
     To the Leger   ..  ..  ..  ..     3   9    3  9 
     To the Flat    ..  ..  ..  ..     1   0    1  0

To Albion Park—

                                      s.  d.   s. d.
     To the Paddock ..  ..  ..  ..    11   0    5  0 
     To the Leger   ..  ..  ..  ..     2   9    2  9

Persons paying for admission to the Paddock at Albion Park can also obtain admission to the Members' Enclosure on payment of a further fee of 2s. 9d.