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the Albion Park Racecourse and its appurtenances, to the purchasers. This agreement is set out in full in Appendix C hereto. It has recently been varied by a further agreement dated 6th December, 1929, made between the same parties, which is also set out in full in the same Appendix.

The terms of this contract of purchase, which is still in course of performance, are fully dealt with elsewhere in this Report.

Description of course
The racing track proper, which is circular in formation, with a straight of about one furlong, is approximately one mile in circumference and is grass. Its width is sufficient to accommodate a considerable field of horses. Outside the track proper is a sand training track.

The course, which has not been used for racing since 1929., appears to have been divided into Paddock and Leger enclosures, each containing a small stand. At present the external fences are in some disrepair, the internal enclosure fences are practically non-existent, and the stands are dilapidated. There are a considerable number of horse-stalls, in fair order, and a small totalisator house, greatly out of repair.

Apart from the above and the running rail itself, which requires attention, there are practically no improvements on the property, and it would require a very considerable expenditure to equip the course with appointments suitable for racing.

(c) The Bundaruba Racecourse.

Land Tenure.
By a proclamation issued on 10th February, 1890, under "The Crown Lands Act of 1884," certain lands at Bundamba were temporarily reserved and placed under the control of trustees as a racecourse. The lands are situated in the County of Stanley, Parish of Ipswich, and are shown on plan of survey, catalogue No. 1733-2106c. Their area is 93 acres 1 rood 14 perches. They are still held on trust for racecourse purposes. The present trustees are Messrs. John Canty, Frank Arthur Cooper, Patrick Monaghan, and Thomas Wall.

By an agreement dated 29th May, 1915, the then trustees agreed with John Wren to permit him, for a period of five years, to use and occupy the course for any number of days which he might require or the purpose of preparirg for and carrying out races thereon. The consideration was to be the payment by Mr. Wren of £15 for each race meeting to be held by him, with a minimum of £90 per annum. He also undertook, to insure the buildings, to keep existing improvements in repair, and to erect further improvements, but was not required to expend more than an average sum of £60 per annum. The trustees undertook to maintain the tracks and employ a caretaker and not to permit the use of the tracks for any purpose, except during one week prior to a race meeting. Provision was made to permit the trustees to allow racing dates to the Ipswich Amateur Turf Club and to any athletic Sports Club, but Wren was to have priority of days, except that Boxing Day was reserved for the Ipswich Amateur Turf Club. Except on Boxing Day, the trustees were not to permit the Ipswich Amateur Turf Club to race on the course within seven days prior to a meeting conducted by Wren.

This agreement gave Wren an option of renewal for a further five years. This option has in fact been exercised from time to time. The latest agreement, dated 10th June, 1925, is sill in force and contains a similar option.