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The latest return under the Companies Acts of shareholders in the Company show that, out of a total issue, as at 30th June, 1923, of 13,323 shares of £1 each, 3,306 were held by Mr. T. G. Jones, of Melbourne, and 4,403 by Mr. H. W. Austin, Secretary to Mr. B. Nathan.

This holding gives these gentlemen a controlling interest in the Company.

Description of Track.
The track is a four-furlong course, approximately circular in shape, with a short straight.

The running surface is of cinders, mostly overgrown with grass, and has a considerable batter towards its outside edge. The width is sufficient to accommodate small fields. The curves throughout are necessarily very sharp.

The appointments include a very small grandstand in the paddock and a small Echlin block totalisator. There is no Leger, but the public are admitted to the Flat. A number of horse stalls have been erected and the property is well fenced.

Safety and Suitability.
The present limit of fields is twelve. The longest event is a race of 6 furlongs 66 yards. Most of the events are 4-furlong sprints.

The great weight of evidence went to show that by reason of the short length of the track, the sharpness of the turns, and the consequent inequality of chance, this course is totally unsuited for horse racing.

At the same time it is well suited for trotting races with limited fields.

Galloping races should no longer be permitted to be held on this course.

(c) Goodna.

Land Tenure.
The area of Goodna racecourse is 51 acres 1 rood 16 perches. The property is owned by the Public Curator of Queensland, as administrator of the estate of Amelia Donaldson, deceased, under certificate of title No. 155267, volume 955, folio 7.

It is at present held by Mr. T. G. Jones, under a lease originally granted on the 12th November, 1923, to himself and Robert Samuel Hodge, for seven years as from 3rd February, 1925, but transferred to him alone in February, 1924, at a rental of £208 per annum.

An indenture executed on the 20th February, 1924, shows that Messrs. Jones and Hodge were then the only persons beneficially entitled to the lease, and the sole members of the so-called Goodna Amateur Turf Club. They were interested in the respective proportions of 213/250 and 37/250.

Description of Track.
The track, which is about 100 yards short of a mile, is of grass, of reasonable width for considerable fields, and has a straight of about one furlong. With the possible exception of one turn, the curves are reasonably easy.

The property is well fenced. The paddock enclosure contains a grandstand of modest dimensions and a small, totalisator house in reasonable condition. There is no Leger or Flat.

Safety and Suitability.
The racing track appears to have been maintained in reasonable condition and is safe for reasonable fields.

The course is situated about fifteen miles from Brisbane. Gailes Railway Station is near the gate.