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The property is quite suitable for racing purposes, but, partly no doubt by reason of its distance from town, has not so far been successfully so used. It is no doubt by reason of this distance from town, that the venue has been frequently changed to Kedron, as hereafter appears.

(d) Strathpine.

Strathpine Racecourse, comprising 49 acres 0 roods 34 perches, is held in fee-simple, under certificate of title, No. 276289, volume 1536, folio 29, by Mr. T. G. Jones.

The land was conveyed to Mr. Jones in October, 1922, by registered transfer No. 851653, by the previous owner, Mr. P. J. Frawley, in consideration of £4,500. There are no encumbrances registered against the title.

Description of track.
The course is a grass track, about 7¾ furlongs round, with a straight of about 1 furlong. Except at the back of the course, the width appears sufficient for reasonable fields. The track is not fenced on the outside. Its surface, particularly at the back of the course, has not been well maintained, and is uneven. In the neighbourhood, of the 4-furlong post the track is exceedingly narrow, with unprotected dangers in the form of broken ground and trees on its outside edge. The turns out of and into the straight are severe, but could readily be eased. A culvert at the entrance into the straight needs attention.

The appointments are primitive.

The fencing is poor.

There is only one enclosure, containing a small stand recently erected at a cost of about £530. A small Echlin totalisator is badly housed. Fifty-two horse stalls are provided.

Suitability of Safety.
The approach to the course, which is situated on the North Coast Railway, in close proximity to the Strathpine Railway Station, and about fourteen miles from town, is most inconvenient.

The physical characteristics of the land itself are such as to be capable of producing a course suitable for racing purposes.

In its present condition the track is not altogether safe for horses and jockeys, but could readily be made so.

As in the case of Goodna, its remoteness from town appears likely to militate against its successful use as a racecourse.

Very considerable expenditure, combined with attractive programmes, would be necessary to draw sufficient attendances to give a reasonable prospect of a financial return.

B—Clubs and Proprietaries.

<poem> (a) Kedron Amateur Racing Club. (b) Coorparoo Turf Club. (c) Goodna Amateur Race Club. (d) Strathpine Turf Club. (e) Ipswich Amateur Turf Club. (f) Metropolitan Owners, Trainers, and Jockeys' Association. (g) West Moreton District Amateur Race Club.

(a) Kedron Amateur Racing Club.

Bona fides.
As in the case of The Brisbane Amateur Turf Club, much doubt has existed in the public mind as to the bona fides of this club.