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January, 1964. This home and its furnishings are valued at approximately $100,000. He retains the other Phoenix home as his office.

Though the headquarters of the NOI remain in Chicago, Elijah spends most of his time in Phoenix, where he is served by a chauffeur, cook, and several female secretaries. Involvements between Elijah and several of his young, unmarried secretaries have resulted in considerable embarrassing publicity to this leader of a cult that claims to have raised the morals of its members through its strong condemnation of adultery, fornication, lying, stealing, smoking, et cetera.

In July, 1964, in Los Angeles, two of these former secretaries filed paternity suits naming Elijah as the father of their children. One of them claimed Elijah had fathered her three children and the other claimed one child by Elijah. In Chicago, in July, 1962, two other former secretaries caused a much publicized incident, when each of them left her baby on the front lawn of Elijah's residence. Each claimed that Elijah had fathered her child and demanded that he continue support. Since 1957, several other young secretaries have been similarly involved with Elijah and have borne his children. The situation has become so notorious that members of some of Elijah's temples jokingly refer to it as one of the occupational hazards of serving as a secretary to Elijah.

# # # # his daughters, and his sons have been aware of Elijah's personal misconduct for several years but because of their complete

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