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economic dependence upon him have had no choice but to ignore his actions. They have been completely engaged in and supported by NOI activities throughout their lives. Most of them have held some leadership position in the cult hierarchy and because of this have fared well economically--Elijah has been generous in supplying all their wants.

Until the defections of Elijah b6
 the NOI hierarchy had predominantly included most members of Elijah's immediate family. Still holding leadership positions are , and  .

 years old, married, and having at least six children, has for years been considered head of public relations for the NOI and, as "Muhammad Speaks" newspaper representative, he has travelled extensively. Since 1962, he has made four trips to Africa, one trip to Cuba and Mexico, and one trip to Jamaica. On each trip, he has attempted to improve the image of b6
 cult and gain support of persons abroad for the NOI. has had an affair with an unmarried young woman who bore him a child and with whom he is constantly having trouble concerning the support of this child.

  married, with one adopted child, is the b6
 of the FOI and has been employed at the temple bakery and grocery in Chicago for years.   failed to register

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