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under the Selective Service Act, was arrested by the FBI, and later registered as a conscientious objector; however, his local draft board advised he was not acceptable for military service as he was a "marginal literate." There are reports that he heads a young "strong-arm group" of the FOI in the Chicago Temple, which has on several occasions assaulted and beaten NOI members who were being disciplined.

Elijah  years old, married to b6
  had three children by her first husband and two by   She is   For several years, she had  of the Muslim Girls Training (MGT); but, according to  she was temporarily suspended by Elijah because she broke cult rules by continuing to contact b6
  after his defection.

Elijah years old, and his other b6
 years old, are still considered Muslims though they are not at present in leadership positions.

 years old, married to his second wife, Elijah's   of the FOI.  has been a Muslim for many years, and he served about two and a half years in a Federal prison for violation of the Selective Service Act. He is now the strong, much feared disciplinarian of the NOI. Elijah depends more and more upon   who acts also as a trustee for the NOI.

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