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Over the years, the public press had devoted more and more coverage to Malcolm because of his violent denouncements of white people in his many public appearances--in speeches throughout the country, during radio and television interviews, and in statements made to the press.

More and more importance was attributed to his position in the cult--many articles reported that Malcolm overshadowed Elijah and was taking over the cult from Elijah, who was ill. This caused much concern to Elijah and members of his family. When Elijah was not able to appear at the annual Muslim convention in Chicago on February 26, 1963, and his place was filled by Malcolm, Elijah's family felt Malcolm was too "bossy" and was "grabbing" too much publicity for himself. Resentment and hostility toward Malcolm rapidly increased among various members of Elijah's family.

About this time, Elijah who had for a long time been considered position, was released from a Federal prison where he had been serving time for his Selective Service violation. Though was on parole and could not engage publicly in cult activities, it became obvious that his attitude toward and other cult leaders had changed considerably from his preprison attitude.

 old, married to his second wife, had been educated at the cult's school, the University of Islam No. 2. Long regarded as Elijah's favorite had acted as a cult minister-at-large and