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like other ministers had strongly supported all of  beliefs. In April, 1960, he was sentenced to three years for failure to report for hospital work as a conscientious objector. During the next three years,  made unsuccessful court appeals to keep  out of prison. Elijah claims to have spent about $20,000 in these court battles. On November 1, 1961, just three days before entering prison,  married his second wife.

According to   even before he entered prison he had experienced doubts about some of  teachings which he had felt were in opposition to orthodox Muslim teachings. Then, while serving his prison term, he had time to reflect on a statement made by the judge who had sentenced him concerning how he had been "dominated by  " He claimed he also wondered about   connection with Fard, who   claimed was Allah but who, in Fard's writings which   had seen, had called himself the "Messenger of Allah."

Upon leaving prison in January, 1963,  said he attempted to clarify some of his doubts about   and his teachings. He talked to other members of his family concerning   behavior but, he said, because of their complete financial dependence on   they did nothing.

Though   regularly attended NOI and FOI meetings in Chicago, even teaching some classes at the University of Islam, he apparently stirred up much controversy concerning   activities, both nationally and

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