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in the Chicago Temple. By January, 1964, word had reached Elijah that   and Malcoim had talked together and with others concerning Elijah's relationship with his various secretaries and the misuse of cult funds by Elijah and his hierarchy. For some time though, Elijah took no action against his son.

Apparently, Elijah   was one of the cult members who were influenced by the swelling undercurrent in Chicago.   during 1963 and until at least May, 1964, when he allied himself with   had regularly attended NOI meetings, acted as a lieutenant of the FOI in Muslim Mosque (MM) No. 2, and was   of the MM No. 2 clothing store.

In June, 1964,   left no doubt concerning his feelings about   and the NOI. He went to the Chicago Police on June 23 requesting protection for himself and his  . He advised that, at a meeting of the NOI in Chicago on June 21, both had been denounced as "hypocrites" and expelled from the cult for deviating from the teachings of Elijah. Because of this, he felt certain they would be attacked, as   knew that other members had been disciplined by beatings delivered by the Chicago Temple's goon squad.

Big headlines in the Negro newspaper, "Chicago Defender," of July 8, 1964, announced the charges of corruption in the NOI brought by both   called   'a fake and a fraud."