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He also said, "I am not referring to any single individual's wrongdoings or corruption; I am referring to Mr. Muhammad and his whole staff.   agreed to the accusations against the Muslim hierarchy, telling the paper, "Not only are they true, they are mild."

  was publicly denounced as a "hypocrite" in the January 1, 1965, issue of "Muhammad Speaks." Better educated than other members of the family,   Elijah had expected   while here, to denounce publicly   Malcolm X, and other "hypocrites." Instead   told a New York newspaper that while he was in Cairo his eyes had been opened. He said his father's "brand" of religion was "a homemade one with its own tight rules and regulations that tend to stifle any criticism of its leader. '  and his family shortly returned to Egypt.

Elijah indeed has had trouble in his "royal family"!

Further confusing the image of Elijah Muhammad and the NOI were events which came to a climax during the last week of February, 1965. Following Malcolm's open break with the NOI in March, 1964, he was outspoken in his