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opposition to Elijah. He formed two organizations, the Muslim Mosque, Incorporated, and the Organization of Afro-American Unity, which he claimed would better serve the Negro nationalists. Some NOI members left with Malcolm and became members of these new groups. During several extended periods in 1964, Malcolm travelled in many of the African countries. He returned, amid much publicity, to the United States late in 1964 and impressed many with his new image. He appeared to have softened his violent statements although he still openly condemned Elijah and his cult.

Early in 1965, Malcolm began a series of rallies in New York City. On February 21, 1965, just as Malcolm began to speak to a gathering of about 400 Negroes, a disturbance started and several men ran toward the front of the meeting hall firing guns at Malcolm. He was slain instantly. Arrested, and identified by at least one witness as Malcolm's assassins were several Negroes who'in the past had attended NOI functions.

This eventful last week of February, 1965, ended with Elijah's dissident  making an appearance at the annual NOI convention at Chicago to ask forgiveness for things he had said about  and the NOI. Though, since his expulsion from the cult in June, 1964,  was reaccepted into the NOI on the recommendation of