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The minister and captain are the important officials in each temple, but frequently there are conflicts of authority between them. This became of sufficient concern to the national hierarchy that during 1962 Elijah ordered that maintain closer control over the captains. Previously, the minister could appoint or remove his captain without consulting national headquarters.

Trouble between the temple officers leads to the development of factions in the temple. Some members support one and some the other leader to obtain favored treatment. Those members suffering most usually just drop out of the temple but occasionally they form a dissident group and complain to the national officers. As a result, a national officer usually comes to the temple, questions the members, and decides what action is to be taken. Sometimes the dissident members are expelled or, when the official believes the continuance of the temple is endangered, one or the other offending temple officer is transferred to another city.

Other, lesser officials in the individual temples are appointed by the minister according to his need for assistance in conducting the activities of the temple. The female NOI members are headed by one of their number who is called captain of the MGT. Both the FOI captain and the MGT captain have as many lieutenants assisting them as are needed, according to the size of the membership. Here again, there is no standardization in number of officers