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in the various temples. Favoritism displayed by the minister leads to ridiculous situations at times. Normally, each captain is assisted by two or three lieutenants, but one temple minister set up his own elite group of twelve particular friends within the temple and made all of them lieutenants. Other members derisively called them the "palace guard".

Larger temples generally have investigators, instructors, inspectors, secretaries, et cetera, each with his own assistants. Some temples also have assistant ministers, who are generally ambitious young men occasionally allowed to lead portions of the temple meetings, and field ministers, who travel to nearby areas to meet with small groups of people in an attempt to bring in new converts.

E. Fruit of Islam (FOI)

The Fruit of Islam (FOI) is the special elite group within the NOI, composed of the male members. Under the leadership of  and the individual temple FOI captain, each temple's FOI is organized and governed by a system with general orders similar to the system in a regular military organization. Regularly, the FOI participates in close-order military drills, engages in group physical exercises, and receives judo and karate training. The avowed purpose of this training program is to create healthy minds and bodies among the faithful followers of Elijah. Acting as bodyguards and escorts for temple