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to men on Mars. He confided that 'Allah takes pictures of people on Mars. They're tall and skinny, they're about seven to nine feet tall, not intelligent as we are.'" The 1965 convention was no glowing success. Attendance at all functions was considerably less than at previous conventions.

B. Wealth

As previously mentioned, all NOI funds and property are under the complete control of Elijah Muhammad. Although most real estate is owned in the names of various temples, members of Elijah's family, or the Progressive Land Developers, Incorporated, Elijah, as the "Messenger of Allah" and absolute ruler of the NOI, makes or approves all decisions involving the financial policies and holdings of the entire cult.

In recent years, Elijah apparently obtained professional aid to protect his real-estate holdings. The Progressive Land Developers, Incorporated, was organized in January, 1963, "to own, operate, manage and maintain, subdivide and otherwise develop and promote real-estate business." Officers of this company are FOI  and an old-time member who has no authority but whose name is frequently utilized in the cult's financial transactions. The title to many of the recent real-estate acquisitions of the cult has been held in this corporation's name.