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For many years, the NOI transacted all of its business in cash; but, since late 1961, the national organization and several of the individual temples have utilized banking facilities. Claiming to be a religious body, the national organization opened corporate accounts, both checking and savings, in the name of "Muhammad's Temple No. 2 of the Holy Temples of Islam." During the 26 months prior to August, 1964, nearly $1,750,000 passed through these accounts.

The Chicago Temple also utilizes individual savings accounts for each of the various funds to which members of MM No. 2 donate money for temple expenses. Many other temples also maintain savings accounts in their home cities for temple funds.

Elijah have personal accounts in banks in Chicago and Phoenix. Rumors have circulated that Elijah and his wife have also secretly deposited funds in foreign banking institutions. Foreign deposits could have been made by Elijah's wife and some of his sons who in recent years have made numerous trips outside the country; however, there are so many ways by which funds could be sent out of the country secretly that it would be virtually impossible to prove this allegation.

C. "Muhammad's 3-Year Economic Savings Plan"

Many persons over the past few years have credited the Black Muslims with helping American Negroes to better themselves through the